Board Meeting Minutes 2010-11-08


Eliot Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes: November 8, 2010

Recorded By: Michael Doherty

19:00 Meeting called to order by chair. Introductions of attendees.
19:10 September meeting minutes read for approval (October meeting was general membership meeting).
19:14 Minutes approved with the following clarifications;
-Board member Angela Kramer clarified that she does not sit on the Community Benefits Subcommittee (for the Rose Quarter Development project)  but did attend the meeting.
-TMA stands for Transportation Management Association
19:15 Presentation from Aaron Ladd on proposed Rose City Memorial (Spring) Marathon.
-Proposed route runs through inner north and northeast Portland.
-Planning underway for an April 2012 marathon (potentially 4/22, Earth Day) to give a west coast option to Boston and provide another option to the fall marathon which has more runners than the marathon’s capacity.
-Marathon will be intended for runners as opposed to the Race for the Roses which also have a large walking contingent. For short distance runners a team relay will be used.
-Targeting runners with sub 12-min. miles, anticipate a 5 ½ road closure on a Sunday.
-Running club is proposing to provide grants to neighborhoods to promote a block party/celebratory atmosphere
-NECN wants to be involved in the planning process to discuss insurance considerations, impact to religious services, and the viability of a Sunday Parkways model for the race.
Aaron Ladd leaves proposed route map from Rose Quarter north along Vancouver for board’s consideration.
19:28 Portland Police Officer Newby provides summary of crime in the neighborhood.
-Discussion of updates every other month only.
-Crime has been decreasing in the neighborhood due to wet and cold weather.
-Most crime has been burglary and a car break in. I robbery using a gun occurred near PCC.
-Auto shop owner at MLK and Thompson mentioned that an unrecognized car was seen taking blue cylinders from the back of welding shop. He was not able to get a plate.
19:36 Step it Up, a non-profit youth involvement organization gave a presentation.
-Provides mentor/work training for youth focusing on the 5 neighborhoods surrounding Irving Park.
-Organization is looking for input on ways to provide outreach to Eliot youth.
-Feedback provided by attendees.
20:00 Update on proposed partnership with Lloyd District Neighborhood Association (LDNA) to install a community garden in the neighborhood.
-Introduction of Project Grow which can act as the garden manager and coordinate the installation should land be identified.
-Potential property exists at Legacy Emanuel and the project team is seeking approval to enter into a partnership with LDNA in order to use their Bureau of Environmental Services grant funding for a garden in Eliot. The project team would like to also begin discussions with Legacy for potential garden site.
-Discussion of potential back up garden sites at the existing Project Grow “North Portland Farm” and ODOT triangle property off of Fargo near highway.
-Discussion of how funding will be transferred to Project Grow. Do the neighborhood associations want to retain financial control or pass funding through to Project Grow?
-Discussion of conceptual oversight board to garden implementation.
-Since time is of the essence to secure land motion to allow project team  to move forward on the project with the expectation that the specifics will be worked out as part the garden management and partnership agreements.
20:22 A motion for the board to endorse “To continue the collaboration between the LDCA and Project Grow to develop property to create a community garden within the Eliot neighborhood using the existing $60,000 BES grant” is approved 8-1, Chair Ludmark did not vote.
20:23 Update on board member projects. Due to time constraints and attendance summaries are limited.
-Chair Ludmark reminds those present that the deadline to sign up for the Friends of Trees planting event is January 10, 2011.
-No report from the Land Use Committee
-NECN update includes discussion of 

§  local leaders seminar occurring on 11/12 and 11/13 contact NECN to register;

§  the NECN public safety committee is looking for a representative of the neighborhood to attend the kick off meeting on 11/15. The committee’s recommendations will be presented directly to the NECN board. Board member Kristin Yates volunteers to attend on behalf of the ENA.

-Eliot Newsletter discussed 

§  Funding of newsletter has been withdrawn and production is based on advertising. Currently the paper is losing some money.

§  Discussion of viability of print version. Attendees promote the possibilities of online version with RSS feeds instead of printed version.

§  Printed version does have some difficulty in distribution, however board members feel it is the best way to reach neighborhood residents without access to the internet.

-Oral History Project update. 6 community members have been interviewed at the Boise Eliot School and 5 at Project Grow. Additional grant money for more interviews has been requested.
-Rose Quarter Good Neighbor Agreement discussed 

§  Rose Quarter would like ENA to manage the projects they proposed.

§  Parking survey volunteers have been identified.

§  Agreement on hold in order to engage the city.

§  Chair Ludmark requested copy of agreement for board review.

-Transportation Street Safety issues discussed; 

§  Michelle from Transportation presents letter to board on Vancouver/Williams improvement corridor planning. Invites all to a stakeholder meeting at PDC tomorrow. Representative of ENA requested to attend program meetings. Board member Laurie Simpson is nominated to attend and board approves unanimously at 20:38.

§  Neighborhood resident Alan is also interested in the Vancouver Williams improvement program. Discussion of possibility of at large committee members.

§  Board member Pauline Bradford requests the transportation department look into installing a light at Stanton and Williams.

§  Reminder of stakeholder open house at the Rose Quarter on Monday 11/15.

-No Report from Volunteers of America
20:40 Board Officer Elections conducted;
Chair- Angela  (Nominated by self) 

Vice Chair- Julie, not present (Nominated by Joan)

Treasurer- Tamille (Nominated by Pauline)

Recorder- Alex, not present (Nominated by Angela)

Newsletter Editor – Clint (Nominated by Tamille)

20:50 Motion to adopt the slate by unanimous consent receives a unanimous vote. Slate is adopted pending acceptance by elected officers not present. Former Chair Ludmark offers to turn the meeting over to new Chair Kramer, who declines and asks Clint to complete the meeting.
20:51 Board Roundtable 

-Pauline discusses DC trip

-Angela discussed her plans for an issues survey to prioritize the work of the ENA board

-Barry Joe discusses City Code and park land use

-Joan asks if the December meeting will include a social event as in years past.

21:04 Board motion to change the location of the December meeting to the Project Grow Offices to allow for a pot luck immediately preceding the meeting at 6:30. Motion is adopted 8-1.
-Alex thanks Clint and former board for their work
21:05 Public Comment; 

-Resident asks for details on Land Use Committee Meeting which is the 3rd Monday of the Month at 7 in this meeting room.

21:06 End of Meeting.