New Housing Coming to Eliot

New Apartments Planned for MLK and Monroe – Developer Chris Rogers of Phase Two Development and his architect, Ralph Tahran presented their proposal for a new apartment project on the SW corner of MLK and Monroe.  They have not submitted plans to the City, but envision a 5-story, 44-unit structure.  It would be a mix of mostly 1-bedroom and studio units with some two bedroom units and two townhomes on the western edge of the property over a row of parking garages.  Twenty two parking spaces are planned. Units would be market rate, although they intend to participate in a PDC property tax abatement program that requires 20 percent of the units to be set aside for individuals making no more than 60 percent of median family income.  They hope to begin construction next fall.

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Eliot Neighborhood Youth Gets Career Support

By Cheryl McLeod

Luna (Right) and Tina - Participants in Step It Up Career Development

At eighteen, Luna knew how to make an informed career choice. “You need to recognize your interest and see the career choices out there to match it with your interest and skills,” something Luna was able to do through the programs offered by Step It Up, Inc. After moving to Portland, Oregon’s Eliot Neighborhood from Eritrea, Africa in 2005, Luna learned English and started working to accomplish her career goal.  Motivated to become a health care professional by the people in third world countries because “they need (medical) help and the harder I work the more I will know to help them,” Luna had the desire to succeed, all she needed was the opportunity.

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Crime Blotter – Winter 2011

By Ofc Peter Helzer NRT  & Angela Wagnon ONI

Hello, all.  Happy Holidays!  Of course, we know that means an increase in car prowls.  That was the big issue in Eliot over the past quarter, and I’m sure it will jump as we work our way up to Christmas.  Over half of the reported crimes in Eliot since September were car prowls.  A few tips to remember as we enter the holiday season:  1.  Never leave anything in your car that you would like to have be there when you get back.  2.  If you have to leave something in the car, leave it in the trunk and leave no clues there might be something worth breaking in for (iPod cord, GPS mount, etc.).  Remember, thieves are opportunistic.  If your car is locked and there is nothing interesting inside, they will go on to the next one.

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Lights on NE Broadway

If you can’t find that perfect gift in Eliot, before you go to the mall, considering visiting one of Eliot Neighborhood’s nearby business districts like NE Broadway. NE Broadway merchants and the NE Broadway Business Association are coming together in December to invite shoppers to check out Lights on Broadway and enjoy holiday sales, events, special tastes and entertainment between 33rd Ave to NE 6th Ave. Over 40 participating businesses highlight the fantastic features of this truly 20-minute neighborhood, where something is happening every day. Everything really is on NE Broadway, so you can shop local, save time and gas, and relax a bit this holiday season.

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