Crime Blotter – Winter 2011

By Ofc Peter Helzer NRT  & Angela Wagnon ONI

Hello, all.  Happy Holidays!  Of course, we know that means an increase in car prowls.  That was the big issue in Eliot over the past quarter, and I’m sure it will jump as we work our way up to Christmas.  Over half of the reported crimes in Eliot since September were car prowls.  A few tips to remember as we enter the holiday season:  1.  Never leave anything in your car that you would like to have be there when you get back.  2.  If you have to leave something in the car, leave it in the trunk and leave no clues there might be something worth breaking in for (iPod cord, GPS mount, etc.).  Remember, thieves are opportunistic.  If your car is locked and there is nothing interesting inside, they will go on to the next one.

Areas of Recent Concern:

– Upswing in violent crime:  There were four serious assaults in Eliot in the last month.  This is out of the ordinary for our area, but a review of the reports showed them to be domestic issues between people that do not live in the area, and none of the incidents were related to the others.  While this is a departure from the norm, I am not concerned about a trend due to the fact that it was transient in nature.

– Portland Pensione at 109 NE San Rafael:  Alan has installed a video surveillance system on the property, and continues to work with us to improve the situation there.

Recent Events:

Happy Holidays:  Angela and I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.  Angela will be out of the office over Christmas, but I will be available if you need anything.

OFC Peter Helzer

Angela Wagnon

One thought on “Crime Blotter – Winter 2011

  1. Good Day; There’s a petty mini-crime spree taking place that leads me to suspect that the Oregonian’s delivery person(s)-[Distrct #26] is responsible. It seems the thefts have occurred mainly after the xmas weekend and all the items have been stolen from the front porches i.e. a flower stand(mine) and an adirondack chair (which was being observed being stolen one night on 10th and Thompson).
    So far we have yet to speak to the manager mano-mano
    however the purpose of this note is to hopefully spread the word and perhaps find out if others are experiencing the same problems.

    Cordially yours,


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