I want you for the Eliot Neighborhood!

I see great promise in our community, and I hope to see a number of changes coming in the next few years.  I see folks fixing up their houses, building relationships and enjoying life.

As the newly elected chair of the Eliot Neighborhood Assciation (ENA), I am looking forward to an exciting year.  Why?  Because I enjoy meeting people and talking about what’s happening in our neighborhood now and what the future holds for us.  I enjoy the sense of community that comes with being involved with the neighborhood association.  I see great promise in our community, and I hope to contribute by creating and encouraging positive changes.

As chair of the ENA Board, I would like to invite each of you to attend a meeting this year.  I’m not asking you to join the board, but I would like to see you at just one meeting.  Come with a friend if you’re nervous, but you’ll find that we’re not too scary a group.  At my first meeting, I sat in the back, not too sure of where I fit in, and tried not to make much of a ruckus; however, a couple topics were interesting to me, and I chimed in.  I found that it’s hard not to participate in a discussion about your neighborhood.  And now I realize the more diverse the group in the room, the more perspectives we can bring to an idea, issue, or problem.

The Eliot Neighborhood Association is the primary contact point between the City of Portland and the people who live in Eliot.  The ENA works hard to strengthen our community through a quarterly newsletter, neighborhood cleanup activities, community gardening, and summer concerts at Dawson Park, among many other things.

Our neighborhood meetings regularly have about 10-15 people attending meetings, representing just 0.25% of the 3500 people living inside our neighborhood boundary.  Some of our peer neighborhoods have much more participation, and residents of those neighborhoods have a correspondingly greater amount of power to affect things around them.  Come out to a meeting to meet new friends and share your thoughts on how you’d like to see our community grow.

The Eliot neighborhood board meets the second Monday of every month.  The public is welcome to attend.  Board positions are open.  Currently renters, business owners, and minority residents are under-represented at meetings and on the board.