Information from the Chair

SAVE THE DATE: October 17, 2017.

Eliot Neighborhood Association General Meeting and Community Conversation. It’s time to check in with the constituents. If we call it a Town Hall Meeting, will you come?

These are important times for democracy at all levels. Even in a State where our Federal representatives are strong and carry the support of most citizens, at the local community level YOUR VOICE is, also, needed. Clean air, clean water, safe streets, affordable housing……. All need your attention.

Did you know:

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Get Involved and Be About It

A Letter From the Chair

At the beginning of each new year we each face the unknown with renewed focus, both for ourselves, and as a community. It is a time to rethink our focus and find new ways to become more effective.  This is a time to get to work.

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Letter from the Board Chair

I love living in Eliot Neighborhood. I love the proximity to shops, restaurants and services. I love being near the River for walking and enjoying beautiful views. But mostly I love running into people I know and how easy it is to get to know neighbors. People are friendly and helpful. I’m looking forward to all the outdoor events over the summer (see Spring-Summer Events 2016) where I’m sure to meet folks I know.

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Letter from the Chairs

In November 2015, Patricia Montgomery and I were elected co-chairs of the Eliot Neighborhood Association Board.

Patricia Montgomery is a native Oregonian but has lived in Eliot for 26 years, working and raising her children.  Her favorite things about the neighborhood are the accessibility to the city, the diversity of the neighborhood and the sense of a caring community. When she’s not working Patricia volunteers at her church, St. Philip the Deacon, at Rodney and Knott Street, where the ENA, Eliot Neighborhood Association meetings are held.

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Up Close and Personal: Angela Kremer

Angela Kremer at her Victorian house
Angela Kremer at her Victorian house

“It’s a work in progress,” Angela Kremer says of the interior paint of her home. Like many residents of Eliot she and her husband chose the location in part because of its affordability relative to other close-in Portland neighborhoods. She spotted the three bedroom Victorian house on the corner of Rodney and Hancock in 1998 when she was riding by on her bike. “It needed a lot of work, but I just fell in love with it. It really appealed to me to fix it up and make it something that people could enjoy from the outside.”

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Vacancy at the top

There comes a time in every chairperson’s life when they realize that they don’t want to have this job forever. As of right now, I have been acting as the newsletter editor in addition to being the chair of the neighborhood. The last person who held both of these roles, Clint Lundmark, has done a good job illustrating to me that this is not a sustainable amount of work for one neighbor to shoulder.

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What good is a neighborhood association?

In Portland, we have a unique way of governing our city. With a mayor and 4 city commissioners, elections and politics can be interesting, but there are some other quirks.  One is our Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) and the neighborhood system. Eliot is a member of the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN), which receives ONI and other funding to voice concerns from northeast Portland.

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