Eliot NA Board Retreat Summary 2012-03-12

The Eliot Neighborhood Association Cancelled its normally-scheduled Board Meeting and had a Retreat on March 12th, 2012.

During this retreat, we learned about each other and our goals for the Board and the neighborhood.  Full Notes Here

Here’s what the attendees were saying at the end of the meeting:
– Got to know one another better – wish the others were here. Should do again and encourage the others
– Lot of energy to communicate what’s important to us
– Upper right quadrant of prioritization exercise is full – that’s good! We have things to do that are doable.
– Pleasant surprise
– A lot of people in the group like to “Tell it like it is,” and seem to like this culture of Eliot
– Question: Is ENA moving in the right direction or do we need to adjust our direction?

And some topics for the future:
– Relationships with organizations in the neighborhoods (discussion around social service orgs.)
– How to talk about neighborhood issues in a way that incorporates concerns about new development and value of openness. (Is there another way to frame this challenge?)
– How does diversity occur in ENA in a good way?
– Renters – how to invite participation and support effective participation