The Title Wave Used Bookstore

Title Wave Bookstore

We have a bargain-hunting lover’s paradise right here in our neighborhood!  If you don’t know about the Title Wave Bookstore you will want to check it out.  It is located at 216 NE Knott between MLK and Rodney Avenue.

The building, designed in the Spanish Renaissance Revival Style, was built in 1912 as the original Albina Branch Library, which means it will be celebrating a 100 years this coming October.  In 2009, it was renovated to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  I met with Rod Richards, the store’s only employee, who gave me a full tour of this amazing building.

The other 50 or so people that work there are all faithful volunteers ranging from 20-89 years in age.  7 of the volunteers have been there since the Title Wave opened for business in 1988.

The books, CDs, and DVDs, discards from Multnomah County Library’s collection, are removed from the library’s computer catalog, stamped, sorted, researched, priced and shelved for retail.  The books prices are very low starting at $2 for a hard cover book, 75 cents for a paperback, CDs and DVDs for $1, and magazines for 25 cents.  Everything is always for sale, but every Wednesday there are special sales.  There are also big sales during the year.  All proceeds go back to the Multnomah Country Library.

You can find rare books at the Title Wave by searching the website.  If you are looking for an old Oregonian article or newspaper, you can do your search on line by using a keyword and the date through the Multnomah County Library website.  Rod mentioned this while taking me on tour of the lower basement levels of the bookstore.  There are 3 lower levels that house almost every issue ever printed of the Oregonian as well as old New York Times, and other newspapers.  The public can call the Central Library to ask for access to these.

The Title Wave will begin offering an educator discount starting March 26th.  Right now the hours are Monday through Saturday 10-4.  Starting April 4, it will be open later on Wednesdays and Thursdays until 6 pm.

The Title Wave is the perfect place to buy a National Geographic from most any year back to as early as the 1920’s!   It is also a cool place to pick up gifts whether it is a kids book, cookbook, travel book, coffee table book, or magazine.  You can donate your old magazines here too.

Drop off is at the side of the store from 8 am to 4:45 pm Monday through Friday.  They have snacks for sale at the bookstore and a pop machine in case you get thirsty or need something to munch on while browsing.

Next time you have the time, make sure you stop and check out this hidden treasure!  It will definitely make you smile.  As one reviewer commented, “My crush on the Multnomah County Library only got bigger when I went in to the Title Wave Bookstore for the first time”.

To keep up with what is happening at the Title Wave you can look up their Facebook page or visit their website.