There’s a New Priest in Town

Reverend Maria McDowell
Reverend Maria McDowell the new priest at St Phillip the Deacon.

St. Philip the Deacon Episcopal Church is an historic African-American and diverse community church located in the Eliot Neighborhood. The Reverend Dr. Maria McDowell has recently become the newest priest-in-charge, and yes, she is a woman! Rev’d Dr. Maria is from Portland and has studied theology at schools in Los Angeles and Boston. She always knew that she wanted to serve so that she can do what she loves – to teach and think deeply with others about things that matter. She loves being with people where God and life meet, where the rubber hits the road.

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Union Knott Gallery

Storefront of Union Knot Gallery
Union Knot Gallery at 2726 NE MLK. Photo by Sue Stringer.

Before there were the whitewashed walls of the small gallery space next to Bridges Café, there was clutter and a grotesque carpet. Heidi Snellman and her friends pulled out the carpet, added a wooden window bench and transformed the “box with a great window” into Union Knott Gallery.

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Title Wave Used Bookstore

Entrance to Title Wave Bookstore
Title Wave Used Bookstore

A series of posts about places where you can buy, borrow or donate books in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

On Knott Street, in what used to be the Albina Library back in 1912, sits The Title Wave Used Bookstore.  In 1988 Title Wave opened its doors selling discard books from Multnomah County Library’s collection. With an ever-changing inventory, there are 20,000 used books, audio books, CDs, DVDs and magazines to browse through.  With bargain prices that start at $2 for hardback novels and some items only setting you back $.25, anyone can find something that they need to complement their home library or to satisfy that literary fix.  They have great selection of children’s book as well as large print items.  As an added bonus, all educators receive a 25 percent discount every day by just presenting a valid educator ID. If those prices aren’t enough of an enticement, there are special markdowns every Wednesday.  All proceeds go back to the Multnomah County Library.

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Winter Activity – Dishman

Matt Dishman
Matt Dishman Community Center

A series of posts about winter activities to keep you busy until spring featuring exciting business and organizations located in and around our amazing neighborhood.

When planning your winter activities or starting your new year’s resolutions, don’t forget about the one place where everyone in your family can be entertained, exercised and can also learn something new.

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Summer Dance and Music Camps

Guitar KidsSummer Camps: What Superheroes, Princesses, and Rock Stars All Have in Common.

Stories have the power to CHANGE us. They make us laugh, make us cry, make us yearn for excitement and adventure… We love stories because we resonate with the characters: with their hopes, dreams, failures and struggles. Stories empower us. Stories inspire us. Stories give us permission to live life DIFFERENTLY.

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Eliot School Then and Now

Eliot School c1951

Eliot School corner of Knott and Rodney c 1951. Portland Archives A2001-030
Eliot School corner of Knott and Rodney c 1951. Portland Archives A2001-030

The Eliot School, named after Thomas Lamb Eliot,  was built in 1909 on NE Knott at the corner with Rodney.  In the late 1940’s or early 50’s the school’s teachers and students were relocated. Portland Parks took over the building in the early 1950’s and it became the Knott Street Community Center.

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26 Cafe: A Celebration of Portland History

Naomi Diallo from Twenty Six Cafe
Naomi Diallo from Twenty Six Cafe

A childhood portrait of Ed Wampler, who once owned a restaurant supply company in NW Portland, overlooks the counter of his granddaughter’s elegant neighborhood cafe. Naomi Diallo learned the restaurant business from him and from her father, Roger Wampler, who owns Ron’s Restaurant on SE 82nd Ave, but it was three months spent in Italy that inspired her to open a European-style cafe, serving coffee, beer, wine, and pastries.

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Union and Knott Then and Now

Union (MLK) and Knott 1929

Union and Knott 1929
Union and Knott 1929. Portland Archives A2009-009.1053.

These twin houses on the corner of Union and Knott were built in 1900.  By 1929 Union had already become a busy street and the houses had started the transition from residential to commercial.  “Dr Muck Dentist” occupied the second floor of the house on the corner.  Over the course of his dental career Dr Earl C Muck had his office in different nearby locations on Union.

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Title Wave: Out Of Circulation, Though Not For Long

Every morning, Sundays excepted, a man and his dog stand outside of the pretty Spanish Renaissance Revival building at 216 NE Knott, waiting for the doors to open at 10:00. Originally a library designed by Ellis Lawrence in 1912, it now houses Title Wave, one of the most unique bookshops in Portland, where the videos, DVDs, music CDs and books retired from the Multnomah County Library (MCL) system are sold.

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