Board Meeting Minutes 2012-09-10

Eliot Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes – DRAFT NOT YET APPROVED – September 10, 2012

Recorded by Amanda Milholland, Board Member

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Board Members In attendance: Julie Woelfer, Amanda Milholland, Angela Kremer, Allan Rudwick, Clint Lundmark, Tamille Lundmark, Joan Ivan, John Engelheart, Pamela Witherspoon

Opening question for conversation: How was your summer in Eliot?

Meeting Agenda:

Emanuel Reconciliation

School Bond

Library Bond

New Seasons

Committee Update

Public Comment

Allan reads minutes from last meeting

Amanda moves to approve minutes

Seconded and approved

Emanuel Reconciliation:

Pamela introduces Morgen Young, Consulting Historian and Jeana Woolley, J.M. Woolley and Associates President.  Legacy Emanuel Medical Center is in the first stage of a reconciliation process with community members affected by urban renewal.

Ms. Woolley: The project is intended to create historical record of what happened in Eliot.  She has been conducting research using city archives to identify the myths and reality of the affect of urban renewal in Eliot. Goal: to create a historical record for community use.  The team located people who were relocated from the neighborhood to put a human face to the history.  Approximately 75% of affected families were African American.  Urban renewal changed the fabric of the Eliot Neighborhood.

Ms. Young: Has been working to create a visual history of Eliot, which will be displayed in the Atrium at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. The history looks at Albina as another town, historic landmarks, and Eliot over time. Today, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center is used by the neighborhood.  Many neighbors receive medical care at Legacy, used for community meetings, and the Albina Community Gardens.  There will be a community meeting in October where the research findings will be shared.  To be scheduled.

Pamela: The Exhibit in the Atrium will be open as part of Legacy Emanuel’s 100 anniversary on October 6th from 1-4 pm.  The event also includes a blood drive and demonstration of the Medical Center’s equipment.  Please join us!


Johnny: What about the vacant lots still in Eliot as a result of urban renewal?

Pamela: No plans to develop currently.  Legacy Emanuel recognizes that there is still a lot of pain around this issue.

Clint: If you would like the 100th Anniversary in the Eliot News, please get content to me this week.

Angela:  If you know more about the history that affects lack of diverse board participation in Eliot, please let me know.  This could be helpful as we are looking to grow the board to better represent the neighborhood.

School Bond, Scott Baily

Mr. Baily works with the Our Portland, Our Schools campaign.  In November a school bond will be on the ballot for much-needed improvements to Portland high schools and a handful of other priority public schools.  The last bonds passed for Portland public schools were in 1995 and 1945.  It has been a long time since the schools have had funds for maintenance and repair.  Most buildings were built prior to World War Two, others were not built to last.  In June, Our Portland, Our Schools formed to preform an independent appraisal of school needs.  We recommend a long-term bond program to care for schools: physical improvements to 63 schools, 4 schools rebuilt.  This would cost taxpayers $1.10 per thousand dollar assessed home value or approximately $165 per year for the median residence in Portland.

Why vote Yes: We can’t have a great city with poor education.

Lee: Why did the former bond fail? What is the difference between this and the last proposed bond?

Mr. Baily: The current bond is paired down to essential improvements where as the last bond included some improvements that were not essential.  Here is how you can help: the neighborhood association could endorse the bond, you can volunteer to call voters, fundraise or donate.

Library Bond, Hilary Russell

Portland libraries are the second busiest in the nation.  The library provides services for seniors, job seekers, students, and the general community.  The libraries are currently closed on Mondays due to inability to cover increased operational costs. To address this issue and protect the essential services provided by the library, there will be a measure on the November ballot concerning the establishment of a library district for Multnomah County.  This would replace the current levy.  Currently 66% of library funding is in jeopardy each year if levies don’t pass.  If the measure passes, libraries will have consistent funning for operations.  The typical homeowner will pay an additional $49 a year for the libraries if the measure passes.

New Seasons: Claudia Knotek, Community Relations Manager and Cheroa Philabaum, Community Relations

Ms. Knotek: New Seasons would like to be on the agenda for the next meeting. At that time they will share their development plans with Eliot.  New Seasons would like to hear name suggestions for the store.

Lee: Please no Boise-Eliot, Eliot is okay

Angela: Albina

Allan, Angela, Joan: Williams

Ms. Knotek: Any objections to Williams Avenue?

All in agreement.

Next month construction will begin.  The anticipated store opening will be next year around Labor Day.

Committee Reports:

Julie:  The Neighborhood Cleanup event went well.  About $500 raised.  Maybe we should not invest in flyers next year to save money.

Allan: Maybe next year we should have a community garage sale along with the clean up as a way to reduce the disposal of usable items.

Joan: NECN report.  The Volunteer Recognition event went well.  Each neighborhood recognized a volunteer.  Small grants are available through NECN.  NECN is seeking volunteers to assist with grant review. Please see the NECN newsletter for more information.

Lee: The Williams Avenue improvement project will reduce parking near the New Seasons store.  There will be days when New Season’s parking is not sufficient to prevent overflow into the neighborhood.

Allan:  If the Williams project does not take away parking it will be unsafe for bikers.

Angela: The Blazers agreement was temporary on halt as the Blazers’ rep. welcomed the birth of his new child.  Now we are back in motion.  Amanda Milholland is on the committee with Angela to look at the Blazers partnership.  Would anyone else like to join? Angela hopes to start using funds from the agreement during the upcoming Blazers season.

Pamela: The Urban League may be interested in partnering on this project.  She will contact them and invite the new CEO to attend an Eliot meeting.

Tamille: The park concert and movie series was a great success with more funds raised than in pervious years and great attendance.

Clint: The Eliot News submission deadline is coming up.  Please submit articles before the end of the week.

Allan: The Community Outreach Committee met twice to talk about board recruitment strategies and community engagement.   Committee members attended one of the Dawson Park concerts and invited mayoral candidates to tour Eliot.  There was some community interest in outreach.  The mayoral candidates refused the invitation, as it is too close to the election.

How do you feel about endorsing the school or library bonds?

The group decided to table the issue until the next meeting. 

Lee: Board elections are coming up in October.

Allan: Please show up to the October meeting to stay on the Board.

Meeting adjourned 9:00 pm

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  1. There were also 3 members of the public in attendance and the representatives from Legacy Emanuel, New Seasons, The Library and School bond Yes campaigns in attendance.

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