General Membership Meeting Minutes 2012-10-08

Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 2012-10-9

7:05 Allan Rudwick opens the meeting and asks for introductions

Police Talk (no neighborhood officer assigned to Eliot)

  • 95 shootings/stabbings for the year so far (city wide) numbers seem to be up a bit we had 105 for the total last year.
  • Joan Ivan comments that dealing/prostitution seem to be less noticeable throughout Dawson Park.
  • Neighbor comments about car/home invasions off of Monroe St.
  • Angela comments about how the Pension has always been a central location for selling and prostitution
  • We need to be in contact with the precinct about getting a new neighborhood officer.

Minutes read and approved

Nominate Board for next year.

  • Amanda Millholland, Pamela Weatherspoon, Laurie Simpson would all like to be on the board next year.
  • Question about whether you are removed from the board if you miss three consecutive meetings?
  • Patricia Montgomery would like to join the board.  There is a new rector at St. Phillips and they want to have voice within the neighborhood.
  • Annie Rudwick would like to join the board.
  • Kayla Mullis would like to join the board.

Eliot Neighborhood Board (17)

Allan Rudwick

Pauline Bradford

Angela Kremer

Jim Hlava

Kristin Yates

Alan Sanchez

Joan Ivan

Julie Woelfer

Clint Lundmark

Laurie Simpson

Johnny Engelheart

Pamela Weatherspoon

Amanda Millholland

Kirsten Jenkins

Patricia Montgomery

Annie Rudwick

Kayla Mullis

Lee moves we approve all current and new board members

All in favor

Julie moves that all LUTC committee members be reinstated

Joan seconds

All in favor

Letter Carriers United (HR 2309)

  • The US government is starving the US Postal service of funds and selling off postal service property because they are requiring that they have the money ready for retirement and healthcare 75 years into the future for all current employees.  They will be leaving material to help us better understand what they are trying to do.

What’s the Scoop?  Ice cream shop!

  • They will do fundraising for local charities; 10% of sales from the evening.  Also they will be hosting a Halloween party on the 31st from 6-10pm

School Bond Measure

  • Allan gives power of chair to Angela so that he can bring up the idea of ENA endorsing the School Bond Measure.
  • Clint Lundmark seconds so we can discuss topic
  • School Bond Measure is a new property tax that will specifically be used to restore and rebuild some of the older school building in PPS. The funds can only be used for structural changes not for salaries.
  • There is a hierarchy of the school buildings that will be fixed first.  They will start with high schools and work their way down.  Roofs, seismic restructuring, making all building handicap accessible and enhancing science classrooms are the main things they will be fixing.
  • Julie states she has a hard time endorsing some measures and not others when the role of the board is to be a place of diverse viewpoints.  She also worries how this will affect lower income families within our neighborhood either through higher rents or higher property taxes.  She reminds us that there is always two sides to any issue and maybe we should make sure to hear the other side before we choose to endorse.  She also states that she is not trying to tell anyone how they should individually vote on this measure.
  • Clint notes that our bylaws are not actually clear about whether we can endorse measures.
  • Pauline reminds us to pass along the wealth of an education.  Someone paid for your education and now it is our turn to pay it forward.
  • Joan states that soliciting opposing viewpoints is not our job and that NECN unanimously voted to endorse this measure.
  • Motion passes 5-2 with 5 abstentions

Library Bond Measure

  • Allan gives power of chair to Angela so that he can bring up the idea of ENA endorsing the Library Bond Measure.
  • Annie states that she personally is in favor of supporting the Library Bond Measure
  • Joan says that this is just a more complete bill instead each of these individual things being on the ballot year after year.
  • Allan moves to pass the endorsement
  • Motion passes 9-0 with 4 abstentions

 Brief Summary of Finances–Tamille Lundmark

  • We have 5,964.58 in our account
  • No outstanding bills
  • Cyclical spending includes: Newsletter, website and donations
  • Tamille will be stepping down from her role as treasurer and also leaving the board therefore opening up this position for next term.

Committee Reports

NECN—Benjamin Adrian

  • Neighborhood Small Grants due Nov 1st.  Grants allotments are $500-$2,000
  • Energize NE Partnership with Neil Kelly and Umpqua Bank will do an audit of your home energy for free, normally $500.


  • Lee reminds folks of the NE Quadrant hearing before city council on Oct. 25th.
  • Spirit of Portland is October 29th at the Double Tree Hotel.

Public Comment

  • Clint thanks people for writing articles for the paper
  • Angela mentions that some boards have board mentors for new members and she would be happy to be one.
  • A general reminder that if there is something that interests you bring it to the boards attention for discussion.

8:45 Meeting Adjourned