Board Meeting Minutes 2016-08-15

minutesBoard members present: Angela Kremer, Jere Fitterman, Jeri Stein, Joan Ivan, Johnny Engleheart-Noel, Kristin Yates, Sue Stringer

Visitors present: Jessica Rojas (NE Neighborhood Coalition), Billy Hurst (neighbor), David Lomax ( Meals on Wheels), Cliff Goldman (Measure 97), Don Nesbit (neighbor), Otis and JoAnne Gilles (neighbors), Roya Amirsoleymani (PICA), Aaron Rosenblum (PICA), Errol Beard (neighbor), Hannah Kane ( Yes! On 97)

Meeting starts at 6:30 with introductions

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Board Meeting Minutes 2016-05-16


Board Members: Jere Fitterman, Jeri Stein, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Kristin Yates, Patricia Montgomery, Sue Stringer

Visitors: Kim Pendell, Noah Dunham (One North), Sarah Isbitz (One North), Vicki Guinn (Emanuel), Corliss McKeever (African American Health Coalition), Errol Beard, Victoria Frey (?) (PICA)

Meeting Begins at 6:41 with introductions

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Board Meeting Minutes 2016-03-21


Meeting begins at 6:35 with introductions

Board Members Present: Angela Kremer, Jere Fitterman, Jeri Stein, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Joe Entler, Johnny Engleheart-Noel, Kristin Yates, Patricia Montgomery, Ronnie Blocker, Sue Stringer

Visitors Present: Saint Hood, Janice Camfield, Anne Sanderson (running for Commissioner Fritz’s position on City Council), Grey Byrd, Nicholas Starkin, Shireen Hasan, Allan Rudwick, Jody Guth, Paul…(not sure about last name)

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Board Meeting Minutes 2016-02-15

minutesMeetings begins at 6:35

Board Members Present: Annie Rudwick, Angela Kremer, Clint Lundmark, Jere Fitterman, Joan Ivan, Johnny Engleheart-Noel, Kristin Yates, Ronnie Blocker, Sue Stringer

Visitors: Roberta Phillip-Robbins, Ann Kasper, Adam Lyons, Dana Nerenberg

Angela moves that we accept January’s minutes; Sue seconds; all in favor

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Board Meeting Minutes 2016-01-25

minutesBoard Members: Jere Fitterman, Pat Montgomery, Annie Rudwick, Kristin Yates, Susan Stringer, Ronnie Blocker, Johnny Engleheart Noel, Joe Entler, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Angela Kremer, Clint Lundmark

Visitors: Julia Anderson, Nicole Leggett, Sara Long, Saint Hood, Angel Hood (Forgotten Realms) Karla Gostnell, Jimmy Gnass (neighbors), Sam Smith (Green Zebra Grocery) Cameron Bremer (neighbor), Vicki Guinn (Legacy Emanuel).

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Board Meeting Minutes 2015-06-15


6:30 Meeting Begins

Opening question:

Affordable Housing—Is it important? If so, how do we make it happen?

  • City needs to create incentives/rewards for developers who place a certain amount of low-income rentals in each of their buildings.
  • Rent control–freezing rents to prevent dramatic increases.
  • Increasing the amount of housing so the demand is met.
  • Show people that owning a home is not only viable to them but it is a great investment for their future.

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Board Meeting Minutes 2015-05-18


6:30 Welcome and opening question

How do we recruit board members?

  • Get kids volunteering—get them interested and feeling ownership for their neighborhood.
  • Representing—being present at ongoing neighborhood events.
  • Dawson Park Apartments is a great place to start.  Many of the people who live there have lived in the neighborhood a long time.

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