LUTC Meeting Agenda for 2012-12-17

Meeting of the Land Use and Transportation Committee (Public welcome) December 17th at Emanuel Hospital Room 1027:  6:30pm

Easiest way to get to the room: Enter at Stanton & Gantenbein, turn left, go up stairs, then turn right.

1.      6:30 Introductions approval of minutes

2.      6:45 Williams Street Improvement Project/Cook Intersection

3.      7:15 Neighborhood notice for “Wonder Bread” site apts/New Seasons plans

4.       7:35 1222 Building Proposal, assuming Ben Kaiser is available

5.       7:55 Campus/Institutional Plans in Comp Plan process (if staff available)

6.               Other (if anything shows up in the mail)

7.      8:30 Announcements and adjourn

Mike’s notes: The Williams project and redevelopment of the Wonder Bread site are interrelated and resulting in proposed changes to Cook street intersections.  Although there have been a number of meetings on the first two, Cook Street neighbors are mostly unaware of proposed changes and City staff are likewise unfamiliar with Cook Street resident concerns.  So the first two topics may be discussed somewhat jointly.  The primary focus of the Wonder Bread discussion is of the proposed apartment building.  The LUC has seen this proposal before so this should be more of an update.  We also discussed Ben Kaiser’s initial proposal for redevelopment of the 1222 site.  He asked to meet with us but was ill for our last LUC meeting, so I put him on the agenda.  The Comprehensive Plan process is evaluating possible changes to how campus/institutional plans are dealt with.  Allan attended a meeting on this topic and I believe solicited a meeting with John Cole, the City staffer currently leading the effort.  Emanuel Hospital has been governed by an Institutional Management Plan with Eliot (and to some extent Boise).  After about a decade of experience under the IMP, I think both parties would like to see some changes but Emanuel doesn’t want to go through a plan amendment process.  It will be interesting to see what the City may have in mind for changes to see if that makes adjustments easier or not.