Its Your Paper

The Eliot News is one of the primary ways our neighborhood association reaches out to our neighbors: ALL of them, some of whom are elderly and/or poor and do not have internet access and whose views would otherwise ignored. It is one of the few remaining ink and paper neighborhood association newsletters.

To fulfill its purpose, the News needs to contain articles of interest as well as those, like my land use column, that inform. We have a lot of talented people in Eliot who may not realize this is THEIR paper, not the editor’s. One way to tap this talent and stimulate more interest is photo essays. If you have a camera and interest in being in print, there are many possible subjects; here are a few: our independent coffee shops (each has its own character and clientele), interesting businesses (Bardy Trophy, Orobos Glass, Union Pacific railyards and Widmer of course), “destination” restaurants (Ox, Toro Bravo, Mint), local dining favorites (Russell Street), old and “historic” homes, non-profits (VOA, Port-City, Mount Hood Railroad Club), and for the voyeurs among us, backyard livestock (chicken, bees, goats), chicken coops (there are some neat ones), gardens … you get the idea. Call or email the editor to get started. Do it now!

The Editor of the Eliot News can be contacted at