Letter from the Editor

Wow, there’s so much to report on for this issue we barely had room! I have to be brief, but a couple things of note. First, air quality in Eliot is a serious issue and a common theme in a lot of our articles. Check out the causes, the ways to help prevent pollution and how you can help.

Also, don’t forget our board elections are coming up this month, October 21, at our general assembly meeting . Our neighborhood grew by almost 400 addresses in the last year to a total of 3382 business and residences so welcome to Eliot and join us because we’d love to have some new faces, ideas, and people passionate to keep Eliot a great place to live.

Lastly, we spotlight some special people, businesses and events so be sure to read this fall issue cover to cover.

Letter from the Editor

Welcome Spring! Soon Summer will be here before we know it. The year is moving along faster than I can keep up. I do look forward to the nicer weather and being able to stop and pause in the warmth of the sun, take a walk through the neighborhood and enjoy all the beautiful gardens and spring flowers. My crocuses are plentiful this year and the tulips are preparing for a fantastic show of color. Soon we will have new trees around some businesses and homes in Eliot to add to the urban landscape (see page 10).

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Letter from the Eliot News Editor

Happy New Year Eliot! With 2017 upon us it is time to reflect on what we were able to accomplish and experience in 2016 and make some resolutions and plans for this new year.  I find January a month I look forward to as a sort of reboot after all the busyness  of the holiday season.  Now well into winter, we are able to take some time to start a few new habits, take up a new exercise routine, focus on a new skill, try a new entertainment venue and also meet some new friends in the process.

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Letter from Eliot News Editor

EliotNewsFall15There’s a lot going on in Eliot.  From events this past summer sponsored by Legacy Emanuel Medical Center and Portland Parks and Recs to National Night Out, summer was definitely not boring.  Fall gives us a chance to regroup as we start a new school year and we hope to bring to your attention some awareness about new businesses in Eliot, future changes to our neighborhoods and business districts, and unfortunately point out how to avoid the brazen bike thieves that seem to be so very busy lately.

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Eliot News in Danger

The Eliot Newspaper is a publication of the Eliot Neighborhood Association and has been published for the past 22 years. In recent times, former Board Chair Clint Lundmark has been the Editor, Advertising contact, Layout manager, and a major content creator for the paper. This is a tremendous amount of work for one person—too much for me—to do as I am quickly finding out, and I would like to thank Clint for the amount of work he has done for the paper over the past year.

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