Eliot News in Danger

The Eliot Newspaper is a publication of the Eliot Neighborhood Association and has been published for the past 22 years. In recent times, former Board Chair Clint Lundmark has been the Editor, Advertising contact, Layout manager, and a major content creator for the paper. This is a tremendous amount of work for one person—too much for me—to do as I am quickly finding out, and I would like to thank Clint for the amount of work he has done for the paper over the past year.

The Eliot News is a neighborhood owned and run paper. We are supported by a grant from the City of Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement, but most of our support comes from advertisers, volunteer authors, editors, and volunteer deliverers.

The Eliot news needs your stories. As passionate as I am about development and the infrastructure of Eliot, that does not a compelling paper make. Often when I ask for articles, I am asked what I need. I want restaurant reviews, stories about people who have lived here, and the people who might make Eliot a thriving neighborhood in the future. This is your paper, so put your stories of life, fun, and festivities in it.

The Eliot News needs you to reach out and find a company to advertise in our paper. Would your favorite restaurant, service shop or hangout want some publicity? Advertisement rates are competitive.

To help, contact Allan at news@eliotneighborhood.org