Bylaws Update

The Eliot Neighborhood Association has a rich history. Founded in 1969 during the Model Cities program under President Lyndon Johnson’s administration, we have been around a long time. After thinking about that I don’t want to start that far back. The bylaws, in their current form, go back to 1992. They were amended in 1993, 1996, and 1999, and they have been good enough for the past 14 years. Why update them now?

The first time I read the bylaws of the Eliot Neighborhood Association, I became a bit concerned. After being involved with the neighborhood association for a while and understanding the whole neighborhood involvement system in Portland, I realized that we should change a few things. Having rules is great, but following them is important because we want the decisions we make to have the full force of law behind them.

I’ve now been involved with the neighborhood association for three years and I think we’re ready to move forward with an updated set of bylaws. I made edits, took feedback then brought the bylaws to the board, took more feedback, including from our loosely-connected parent organization, the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN). To see a copy of the proposed changes email Allan Rudwick at

Summary of the changes:

  • Removed term limits on directors and officers
  • Clarified boundaries of the Neighborhood
  • Clarified the role of members of the association. Members can voting on the board members and vote on changes to the bylaws.
  • Clarified roles of board officers
  • Clarified role of the Land Use Committee and laid groundwork of executive powers for it
  • Added boiler-plate language for grievance, conflict of interest, consideration of proposals, public records, and slightly clarified amendment process
  • Re-acronymed Eliot Neighborhood Association ENA (from ENDA)
  • Clarified that emergency meetings could be called as per Oregon law.

The new bylaws will be voted on at the April General Membership meeting of the ENA, 7p.m. at the Medical Office Building at Legacy Emanuel Hospital 501 N Graham St.

The new bylaws can be viewed by contacting Allan at (503) 703-3910.