LUTC Meeting Minutes for 2013-03-18

LUTC Meeting Minutes for 2013-3-18

Meeting of the Land Use and Transportation Committee (Public welcome) March 18th at Legacy Emanuel Hospital Room 1035

The best way to get to this room is to enter at Stanton & Gantenbein and go left, up the stairs and then right down a hallway

Meeting time: 6:30-8:30

LUTC members present: QUORUM

Mike Warwick, Allan Rudwick, Clint Lundmark, Alexa Heidrich and Lee Perlman

6:30 Call to order and approval of minutes from previous meetings (if quorum present)

Quorum present, and minutes from LUTC meeting on February 18 were approved

6:40 Zone Change at Fremont and Williams.

Developer Ben Kaiser attended, and verified the zone change he was proposing would be changed from EX to RX, to allow for ground floor retail.

6:55 Hill Block Proposal.

Mike Warwick is drafting a letter to Legacy Emanuel stating the preference of the Eliot Neighborhood LUTC for the formal comment period of the hospital’s permit application.

7:10 Public comment/Updates on other topics

There is a church at Morris and Rodney for sale, possible redevelopment opportunity of 4 units.