Board Meeting Agenda for 2013-5-13

Room change- Room 4255 – this room is above the atrium on the right.  501 N Graham- go in, up the elevator to the fourth floor and across the sky-bridge.

Meeting of the Board (Public welcome) May13th at Legacy Emanuel Hospital : Room 4255 7-9pm

1. Welcome and Introductions   7:00pm

2. (Kristin) Read & Approve October minutes

3. Changes to agenda?  Police report?

4. (Betsy Reese) Update on N Flint/Broadway/Wheeler intersection

5. (Christopher) Coal Trains in NE Portland

6. (Claudia) Washington Park Parking Discussion

7. (Nancy) Intersection Painting update @ Tillamook & Rodney

8. (Alan) Neighborhood Cleanup Recap

9. (Allan) Summer meeting schedule, speaker brainstorm

10. Other items

  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Committee Updates
  • NECN & other announcements
  • Public Comment