Firefighters Raise Money for Displaced Residents

By Nancy Zimmermann Chung

Did you know that the Portland Firefighter’s Association is organizing a fundraiser for neighbors affected by the August 8 five-alarm fire on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard? The fire reduced to rubble a 46-unit apartment building that was under construction, rendering uninhabitable some of the adjacent residential buildings in the process. Several of the tenants displaced by the fire do not have the financial means to rent a second apartment; some have found themselves with nowhere to sleep but the couches of friends.

The Portland Firefighter’s Association has generously offered to use its resources and volunteer power to raise funds for those affected by the fire. Their goal is to provide 6 months of transitional housing to each person who was displaced. The Association will accept donations and oversee their distribution directly to housing providers.

Oregon Senator Chip Shields has already made a generous personal donation to the fund, and you can, too. All donations go directly to helping your neighbors right here in Eliot, and they are fully tax deductible.

In additional to taking cash donations, on September 18th the Firefighter’s Association held a “Five Alarm Rib Fundraiser” to benefit those displaced by the fire.

For more information please check with the Portland Firefighter’s Association at