Board Meeting (Potluck) Agenda for 2013-12-09

Meeting of the Board (Public welcome) Monday, December 9th at Medical Office Building 501 N Graham : West Conference Room.  7-9pm

We will be talking about re-branding the neighborhood and down-zoning residential Eliot.  These are probably the biggest issues to come up in a long time.  Please attend if possible (board members and public).

This is a conference room just across the semi-circular driveway of the Medical Office Building, at 501 N Graham. (directions)

We will have a regular board meeting with food


  1. (Kristin) Read & Approve Last Month’s minutes
  2. Changes to agenda? Police report?
  3. Election of Officers –Chair, Vice Chair and Newsletter Editor are open.
  4. Approval of Land Use Committee Members.
  5. Beauty Committee (Angela)- Rebranding Effort.
  6. Land Use Committee (Mike)- downzoning proposal
  7. Meeting date change for future meetings
  8. Public Comment

Currently signed up to bring food:

Allan- Salad
shared google document to sign up for food.