Eliot Comments on Portland’s Comprehensive Plan

Eliot Neighborhood Association Proposed Comp Plan Zoning Amendments

Submitted by Mike Warwick, Land Use Chair

Our purpose is to protect and preserve the historic properties and character of the former City of Albina, to better align zoning to the prevailing development preferences of residential infill developers and to address underutilization of property over the past 20 years due to inappropriate zoning, both too high a residential density for single lots under separate ownership and parcels along MLK.

Comments were submitted.  They will be discussed at the next LUTC meeting

One thought on “Eliot Comments on Portland’s Comprehensive Plan

  1. Thank you for the work you have done on behalf of the neighborhood. I was trying to find a way to share some information about a Parks and Rec. budget dialogue this week. I am concerned that with the increased density of Eliot there has been a lack of attention paid to the increased demand for usage of the recreational facilities like Dishman. I don’t know if the Eliot news could share out this information for residents who may want to attend. The link to the meeting info: Wed. Jan 8, 6 -8 pm, St. Phillip Neri Church, Carvlin Hall 2408 SE 16th Ave. http://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/


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