Board Meeting Minutes 2013-12-09

7:05 Meeting begins

Minutes are read and approved

Allan moves that we approve the new Land Use members Paul Van Orden and Mike Faden

All in favor

None opposed

Alan Sanchez expressed interest in being the new Eliot Neighborhood Association Chair

He also suggested that it might be an easier role for him to fill if he had a vice-chair who has experience in the role.

Allan Rudwick is interested in being the Eliot Newspaper Editor once again but would love more crowd participation from the rest of Eliot getting articles ready, taking pictures and finding advertising.

Kristin Yates moves that Alan Sanchez be elected as Eliot Chair, Angela Kremer be reelected as Vice Chair and Allan Rudwick be elected as Newspaper Editor.

All in favor

None opposed

Angela updates us on the Beauty Committee. 

The Beauty Committees main objective is livability within Eliot especially the area along the Rose Garden that tends to suffer from events.

  •  Parking
  • Trash
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Neighborhood identification
  • Tree planting and inventory

·      Alise Munson shares the possibility of re-branding the neighborhood 

      She talks about what re-branding might look like and how it might help people feel more connected to their neighborhood.  She asks for our thoughts regarding the idea.  Do we feel like re-branding is a good idea?  What are things we love about Eliot?  What are things that we need to re-brand in Eliot in order to protect Eliot?  Hopefully, the re-branding would be used for reconciliation purposes.  Being proud of this neighborhood where many of us have chosen to reside and also owning up to the parts of Eliot’s story which include red-lining and then pushing people out in hopes of development.   It was a good conversation and a conversation that needs to be continued with more people at the table who represent the history of neighborhood.

Jim Hlava would like to see a written proposal of what re-branding would include and also the steps that would be taken to make sure we got the word out there.

Allan Rudwick moves that the Beauty Committee (Identity) pursue a plan about how outreach will take place and what that outreach will look like by next meeting.

Joan Ivan seconds

All in favor

None opposed

Mike Warwick shares the Planner Vision Map

The city of Portland would like to see urban density double in the Fremont Williams area.  We have 1,500 there right now.  Mike Warwick is hoping to get area rezoned from R2 to R2.5 which actually establishes a lower urban density. Mike is willing to do neighborhood canvassing to get support.  We would be looking for mixed use zones which allows for a mix between commercial and residential.

Some thoughts from around the table include that people need more information and that limitations in zoning can be a bad thing.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10