Tree Inventory

By Jeff Ramsey 

Street Tree
Newly Planted Street Tree

For the past four years, Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R) has sponsored street tree inventories in neighborhoods across Portland as a way to assess the condition of the urban forest and build community around this shared resource. Thus far, the project has collected information about the location, species, health, and size of nearly 70,000 trees in 17 neighborhoods.

Knowing where trees are (and aren’t) in Eliot is the first step in protecting the beautiful old trees in our neighborhood and prioritizing where to plant the grand, old trees of 100 years from now. Using this information, neighborhood volunteers will develop a tree plan for Eliot to guide planting in the future.

While PP&R will host inventory events this summer, we need to start planning now.

If you are interested in connecting with tree lovers and being part of the team that develops the Eliot Tree Plan, please contact Jeff Ramsey at This project is funded by the Neighborhood Livability Partnership.