LUTC Meeting Agenda 2014-03-17

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee Agenda
For March 17, 2014
Room 1027, Emanuel Hospital

6:30 (or when quorum is present): Call to order and Introductions

6:45 Review and approve minutes and agenda: Action (5 minutes)

6:50 Conditional Use request: Action (20 minutes)
A conditional use request was submitted for use of former ELEEK building for a brewery and brew pub. Action. The site on Flint was rezoned for “residential” use in the Albina Plan. We have proposed that zone be changed to Ex (or the new Mixed Use zone) in the Central City Plan. If adopted, the zone change won’t take place for at least two years. ELEEK was a wholesale manufacturer and dealer of lighting fixtures. The building can be reused for another commercial purpose so long as it is consistent with the previous use. There is a “check list” City staff use to make that determination. Obviously, a brew pub will attract more traffic, especially patrons who will park for extended periods, compared to a wholesale lighting dealer. In addition, the proposed pub hours extend late into the night (11 PM or so) whereas ELEEK was an 8 to 5 operation. The permit request doesn’t indicate if the pub will have live music or other noise making events. Two nearby property owners have expressed concern to me regarding parking issues (I have a letter sent to the City from one of them).
I will invite the applicant to the meeting for our discussion. (20 minute topic)

7:10 Portland Development Commission 10: Information (30 minutes)
Last meeting a request was made to have someone from PDC brief the committee on its purpose and scope. I have extended an invitation to the appropriate person, but have not received confirmation. If they do not attend, I will provide an overview from my perspective, having served as Chair of two PDC Citizen Advisory Committees for probably 10 years in aggregate. If the PDC representative attends, I will provide my perspective at the next LUTC meeting as it is likely to be more frank than that of an agency representative.

7:40 Notices and updates: Information (30 minutes)
Chair will update status of the Mixed Use Zoning meeting last month and pass on other such information
Member contributions (if any) will follow

7:50 Public comment for items not on the agenda (10 minutes)

8:00 Open discussion of future meeting topics or other issues (15 minutes)

8:15 Meeting recap (10 minutes)

8:25 Adjourn

One thought on “LUTC Meeting Agenda 2014-03-17

  1. I am unable to attend this meeting due to previous scheduling conflicts, but I would like to bring to the neighborhood associations attention the recent designation of the former Port City Development site on N Williams (between Tillamook and Thompson) as Surplus Property for Multnomah County. I have spoken with the Mike Sublett at the county regarding this designation, the possible implications and steps neighborhood members can take to be involved with future development at this site. My wife and I own the home on Thompson that is surrounded by this site and have a list of concerns with respect to the future of this site. I would also appreciate it if a board member (preferably one actively interested in this topic) contact me directly to discuss both my concerns and those of the association at large.
    Thank you,


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