Crime and what you can do about it

By Katy Wolf

Broken Glass
Broken glass in the street

If you check out the Portland Crime Map for our neighborhoods, it’s apparent that theft from cars and vehicle theft are two of the most common type of crimes in our neighborhoods. It’s also apparent when you’re biking down a busy street and see a smattering of broken glass in front of you that you have to quickly zigzag around.

The issue of car break-ins was brought up at the February Boise Neighborhood Association (BNA) board meeting by a long time resident who wondered what we could do about it. And unfortunately, a car owned by a person that came to a recent meeting had their car broken into while they were there, and valuable items were stolen.

Here are some resources and tips for dealing with with robbery and car break-ins. First (and this may seem obvious, but nevertheless it’s sound advice), lock your car and if you must keep valuables in your car, put them in the trunk.

The more reports made to the police non-emergency line in our area, the more the police can become aware of crime trends, which gives us traction to request increased patrols. If they don’t know about it, they can’t address it.

How to Report non-Emergency Crimes and Request Street Sweeping:
(Tip: Add these numbers to your cell phone so you can call them easily!)

Crime prevention is in the best interests of both residents and business owners. It is up to us to watch out for each other. Neighborhood involvement is the best way to prevent crime. Walk your street, smile and say hello to people, or at least look them in the face. Keep your porch light on to increase street illumination. If you are really concerned, you can form a Neighborhood Watch, Community Foot Patrol, or just ask your neighbors to keep their porch lights on and keep a watchful eye out.

Stay safe!

Katy Wolf is the chair and sole member of the Boise Neighborhood’s Safety and Livability Committee. If you’re interested in forming a Watch or some other safety and livability initiative, you can reach her at