Portland Team Fitness has arrived

By Annie Rudwick

PTF Alayne Annie
Alayne Rowan, left and Annie Rudwick, right, at PTF.

Walking around Eliot, there is a wide range of restaurants, coffee shops, and retail, everything from barbershops to the Nike Outlet store. There are parks and a first rate hospital, even a brand new grocery store. With first rate bike lanes, great bars, and public transit, what more could you ask for? Ah, but what about a place to work out? When I moved into Eliot in March 2008, I was hoping for a fitness studio close to my house. Luckily, Portland Team Fitness arrived on NE MLK right across Fremont in the King Neighborhood Area in May 2008.

Portland Team Fitness has been right next to Eliot for the past six years. I was lucky enough to meet Alayne Rowan, owner, on my Portland ultimate frisbee Spring League team in April 2008. She mentioned that she was opening a studio in May on the corner of MLK and Fremont. Wow! I thought, a workout studio four blocks from my house, I had to check this out. Alayne invited me to a complimentary class. By that time, I had run nine marathons, my most recent, the Boston Marathon, and had been attending a standard gym on a regular basis. All I can say is that the class was awesome! There were 6 ladies in the class. We did a variety of circuit training, weight training, balance work and agility. It was fun, tiring, and creative. I was hooked.

Six years later, Portland Team Fitness continues to astonish me with a fantastic group of trainers and a first rate fitness experience. Even better, PTF is moving into Eliot!
PTF’s officially moved into Eliot on Saturday, March 22nd. It was actually a moving day workout, run by another great trainer, Kelly. Each client picked up a piece of equipment (medicine ball, kettle bell, etc.) and walked it from the old studio to the new studio at 3311 NE MLK Suite 103, located in Mid-K beauty complex. It was a fun way to start off the class, allowed clients to participate in the move, and see the new studio for the first time. PTF formally opened in the new space on Monday, March 24th.

I recently attended one a PTFs Mad Props class and then spent time afterwards with Alayne to find out more about the new space, the vision behind Portland Team Fitness, and what Eliot can expect from the new studio.

PTF’s vision is based on four P’s “Power, Performance, Posture and Play.” The new space, which I got a chance to see during our interview, definitely reflects this vision. The studio is large and airy with a range of equipment from uniquely built apparatuses like a jungle gym for adults and a climbing wall to more traditional equipment like medicine balls and free weights, the rope (think back to high school) and cardio machines (treadmill and elliptical).

While the original vision of PTF was all about “team fitness,” the new space, according to Alayne, is where Portland Team Fitness and fitness is going. The new studio has more space, encouraging clients to move with more creativity. All the components are more amplified. The studio highlights really moving your body, creating an atmosphere that trains you for whatever activities you want to succeed in, from hiking to running to biking to rock climbing to gardening in your backyard.

Along with fitness at the individual level, PTF understands the value of fitness at the community level. PTF has and continues to sponsor activities in the area. Currently, Alayne is working with Faubion Middle School on a project called Get Out and Live. She also volunteers with Girls Inc. (http://www.girlsinc.org/), an organization that empowers “girls to be strong, smart and bold.” PTF is also a co-sponsor of PUFF’s (Portland Ultimate Flying-disc Federation) Spring League this year. Alayne looks forward to partnering with Eliot to bring fitness to our community.

I asked Alayne what if I was someone that had never done anything like Portland Team Fitness before, how I would know if it is right for me. Alayne suggests coming in for a 30 minute consult. It’s free. In addition, she would recommend the Badass Basics class at 11AM on Saturdays. This class is instructive and demonstrative. For more information on all PTF has to offer, please visit the website, www.portlandteamfitness.com or feel free to send Alayne an email at Alayne@portlandteamfitness.com. PTF can also be found on Facebook.

As an avid PTFer, I am delighted that Eliot is now going to officially have Portland Team Fitness in the neighborhood. As Alayne’s mantra says, “together we create.” Over the last six years, Alayne Rowan and Portland Team Fitness have worked to help others to be their best. PTF, in their new studio at 3311 NE MLK, will continue to do just that for Eliot!