Neighborhood Fusion Fitness Studio

Mod Physique
Jessa outside Mod Physiquue

Mod Physique opened in Eliot September 2013. You may have spotted them on the corner of Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard and Graham Street with the A frame sign of a girl in a ballet pose. Mod Physique is a fusion class of high intensity cardio, weights, ballet barre, and Pilates exercises. Their classes work every major muscle group in your body creating long lean muscle vs. bulk. Each week the class changes to keep the body challenged and prevent people from getting complacent. The class also works your heart, coordination, balance, and endurance. The owner, Jessa Freeman created it to keep herself and her Zumba® Fitness students in shape. “I can walk into a ballet class and keep up even after 7 years of not being in the studio,” one customer said. What attracts people to the studio? The challenging classes for a variety of fitness levels with personal attention and the fun environment. You may find yourself working muscles you didn’t know existed.

The small studio means limited class sizes. No more than 8 people at a time to guarantee everyone gets the benefit of personal attention to doing the exercises safely and to the best of their ability. “Tiny adjustments can have a big impact on getting better results,” says Jessa. “I will adjust someone and there will be this ‘ah ha’ moment. I’ve had people tell me they have done an exercise for years and for the first time realize what it’s actually
supposed to feel like.”

They offer a short 45 minute class that includes Theraband stretching for tight necks and hips that is better for those who are at a beginning level or those who want to workout without the cardio.” This month they are also adding Mod – Release, a class for helping increase range of motion, lengthening muscles, and easing tension.

Jessa Freeman is a Portland native who danced with the Oregon Ballet Theater and was a Jefferson Dancer before receiving a Bachelors in Fine Arts at the University of Utah. She has also danced with local and international choreographers in San Francisco and at the Northwest Professional Dance Project. She turned to fitness after multiple injuries from dance that left her anxious to keep active and balanced. The class is a fusion of her knowledge and strengths as a dancer, Pilates and group fitness instructor.

Jessa is the owner of Mod Physique. Classes are offered 6 days a week, check the schedule at Normal drop in rates are $18. They are offering 3 classes for $25 or 1 month unlimited at $89 to new students. Email for Private or Duet sessions to