Board Meeting Minutes 2014-08-11

Eliot Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes
Monday – August 11th, 2014 – 630pm

Introductions & Attendance:

Present:  Mike Warwick, Allan, Angela, Joan, Jennifer (community coord from New Seasons Market), Annie, Sara Long (resident), Jere (resident), Jim, Clint, Stuart, Katie, Erik, Jeri Bee (resident), Allan, Patricia, Maggie (resident)


  • Signs and Sign Toppers – Mike
    • Approximately $120 per sign, costs break even around 10 signs.  Cost per sign under 10 is not yet known.
    • There is the potential of having the signs installed at no cost when the upcoming street signs are moved.
    • The budget discussion is considering a need for 80 signs.
    • Another option could potentially be “Historic District” signs to place in historic neighborhood homes.  This provides a more affordable option.
    • MOTION Passed [7 in favor / 3 opposed]
      To move forward with the purchase of 10 signs and take the opportunity of having four street tops installed.  Approved up to $1,400 of Blazer budget funds for the purchase of up to 10 signs with no logos, as a pilot project to further determine design consensus.

      • The board stalled, stating that there is still need to solidify design, text and finalize the costs associated.
      • Countered amended motion to move forward with a pilot to begin the roll out and introduction of the sign toppers to engage community feedback by; simultaneously taking advantage of the four free installed with the upcoming traffic flow redesign on Williams.
  • September ENA Meeting; scheduled for 9/15, the third Monday of the month (instead of the 2nd Monday); same meeting room.
  • NECN’s Safety and Livability Committee Potluck-in-the-park on Monday, August 18th from 6:30-8pm.
  • N Williams Traffic Operation Safety Project:  Ready for Construction
    • Open House Event:  Tuesday August 12th, 2014 between 6pm and 8pm at Immaculate Heart Catholic Church; in the church hall.
  • Boise Eliot Humboldt Elementary back to school social; August 28th 6p – 7p  School is looking for community involvement to support the name change of the school.

Minutes:  The review of last month’s minutes was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Annie reviewed the current finances.

  • What is the expectation of the board as a comfortable balance in the account?  It was suggested around $5,000 – $10,000.
  • Angela will provide a copy of the Blazer contract and information at the next board meeting.

Eliot News Newsletter:

  • Six weeks to print, distribution goal prior to the October meeting.
  • September 15th is the deadline to submit articles.  Contact Allan to submit articles.
    • The board discussed potential articles
      • Street Toppers
      • Parking permits
      • Upcoming traffic changes
      • Intersection painting
      • Parking permits  (See Angela for more information)

Land Use Committee:

  • Williams north bound route, will be redesigned this summer.
  • Rodney bike route to create bikeway for casual bike riders.  This route will also be used as a backup detour while the Williams routes are being redesigned.
  • Build at 7th and Brazee – Dialogues continue.
  • Re-zoning has been approved; committees being formed to continue the conversations to address, parking, zoning, traffic planning and preparation.


  • Annual NECN event, there is a resignation to the chair, currently reformulating and in search for a new director.

Proposed Actions:

  • ENA Resolution / Coalition Letter to the NECN:
    Proposal was shared with board.
    MOTION Passed [7 in favor/2 opposed/1 abstention]
    Consider endorsing the Coalition Objective to adopt affordable housing as an advocacy campaign with a request that the ENA draft and submit letter to NECN board of directors, stating such support.
  • Widmer Brothers Oktoberfest – Request for Neighborhood Association Approval
    • Potential from raising 1,000 of funding, that was designated to go towards the Dawson park renewal.  They are asking for a letter of support from the board.  Board expressed no concerns.


  • Neighborhood Communications Funds:  $1000 available from NECN

Community Conversations Team: Brief Recap & Update for Board of CC Team’s Objectives and Goals:

  • The CLP subcommittee is requesting feedback and participation from the board as this sub-committee begins to identify ways to reach out and include the neighborhood community in conversations on ENA projects.  The goal is to engage both the board as well as the neighborhood residents to encourage a richer connection and intention when moving forward with projects and initiatives.   Ultimately bridging the gap between the neighborhood/community and the board.
  • Three upcoming CLP meetings will be held to rollout a community engagement effort.  All board members are encouraged to participate.   Solidified dates to be sent out once determined.  The first meeting will be a Brainstorming session, to encourage and discuss feedback. Second meeting to compile the ideas and formulate the directions, initiatives, etc. to focus on for 2015, the third meeting will be to prioritize the list and begin goal setting.
  • Session one Brainstorming:  Date to be solidified, where the brainstorming conversation can continue.
    • The subcommittee is proposing/requesting participation from the board going door to door and introducing themselves and connects with the community.
    • The board proposed holding group events and conversations, churches, group facilities, and apartment buildings.
    • Questions to ask/information to provide:
      What do people most care about?
      What are the attitudes of the neighborhood changes?
      Parking permits
  • A fourth meeting to be solidified prior to the November ENA boar retreat that will enlist the help of a hired neutral facilitator [see motion below].  The intention to assist the board with:
    • Review and Prioritize the data from the neighborhood outreach.
    • What areas will the board focus on in the upcoming year?
    • How can the board be more effective in rolling out projects that both engage community, while simultaneously move into action at a more productive speed.
    • Potentially develop new and refined methods for engaging the collective neighborhood community voice in all meetings and projects moving forward.
    • MOTION Passed  [7 for /2 opposed /1 abstention]
      The CLP project be allowed $1,000 of ENA funds to hire a facilitator to assist leading the board with the implementation, dialogue and data results.

Meeting Adjourned: