Upcoming Changes on Williams and Rodney

Williams Ave
Williams Ave before change to 1 lane

On Monday, the transformation of Williams will begin as construction starts on the North Williams Safety Project. There are a lot of changes, but the biggest on Williams is that most of it will be one lane and the bike path is moving to the left side. Rodney will also see the addition of speed bumps and a diagonal traffic diverter at Ivy.

Construction begins on Williams the week of September 15, 2014 and will continue for up to three months as a new traffic signal is installed, improved crosswalks for pedestrians are built and the bike lane expands and is moved to the left side of the street. Two lanes of motor vehicle travel will be changed into one lane with the exception of the section between Fremont and Skidmore where travelers will share the road.

Part of the initial construction of the North Williams Safety Project will be traffic calming on Rodney to discourage potential non-local traffic from using it as a neighborhood cut-through route.  This includes speed bumps between Alberta and Broadway and a diagonal diverter at the intersection of NE Rodney and Ivy.

For more information on both of these projects see:

North Williams Safety Project
Rodney/Ivy Diagonal Diverter Test

Williams construction schedule as of 9/25:

  • Week of Sept 22-26:  Cook signal construction/ curb extension construction
  • Week of Sept 29-Oct 3:  Cook signal construction/ curb extension construction
  • Week of Oct 6-10:  Re-striping of Williams (change to one-lane)- weather dependent/ Cook signal construction/ curb extension construction
  • Week of Oct 13-17: Cook signal turn on & open left side bike lane weather dependent/ close right side bike lane/ curb extensions
  • Week of Oct 20 – mid Nov:  Curb extension construction
  • Mid Nov- Mid Dec:  islands between Beech and Skidmore/ final signing and striping work
  • Mid Dec:  substantial completion

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