LUTC Minutes 2014-09-16

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting minutes 9/16/14

Present: Mike Warwick, Clint Lundmark, Allan Rudwick, Alise Munson, Paul Van Orden

Others: Approx. 50 residents; representatives of 7th & Russell high-rise and Morris Street Townhomes developments

Meeting called to order at 6.35pm

Mike Warwick provided update re 115 N Cook St development; changes include cedar siding

Presentation of revised Morris Street Townhomes design (following previous feedback)

  • Zoned RH; behind Battery Exchange north side of Morris near MLK, replaces garden
  • 11 units, each with garage and front door opening into shared drive
  • Will be windows on side of building facing street (Morris)
  • Revised design includes: Lap siding, pitched roofs; average height of roof ~ 35 feet, likely max height ~ 38 feet
  • Attendee concerns/requests:
    • Effect of windows on single-family house west of development
    • Request for true divided windows rather than white vinyl sliders

Request from attendee to include links to City’s comprehensive plan and map app (for comments)

Presentation of revised NE 7th & Russell Street Development

  • Mike Warwick noted that zoning is currently the same (RH) as for Morris Street Townhomes project (lower-density residential zone is proposed in comprehensive plan)
  • Developer presented changes since receiving feedback during and after last LUTC meeting. Representatives from developer (Paradigm): Dan Neal and Chris Looney
  • Developer stated that of 15 requests for changes, Paradigm’s response is yes to 13, possible on 1 (underground parking for visitors), compromise on 1 (the key issue of height/size).
  • 13 of the requests and responses as presented by Paradigm:
    • Underground parking (yes)
    • Parking ratio 1:2 minimum (yes)
    • Willing to review traffic issues (yes)
    • Looking at financial incentives for tenants who do not have cars (yes)
    • Balconies for all or most units (yes)
    • LEED Gold certification minimum (yes)
    • No micro units; 1 & 2 BR, smallest unit 500 sf average 900 sf (yes)
    • “Inspiring design quality workmanship and materials” (yes)
    • Inclusion of trees and landscaping (yes)
    • Reduce light pollution with smart exterior lighting design (yes)
    • Garbage collection during normal residential hours if available (after 6 am) (yes)
    • Underground parking for visitors (possible: yes if does not compromise building security)
    • Request to reduce height and size to conform to 2015 city comprehensive plan update (compromise).  Proposed height reduced to 6 stories from 8; step back top stories on 7th Ave; total height around 60 feet; unit count reduced to low 60s
  • Feedback from neighbor (Susan Stringer)
    • General appreciation of changes but size is still too big
    • Proposed rezoning in comp plan would impose 45 foot limit
    • Online petition requesting design to follow comp plan limits had gathered 1067 signatures at the time of the meeting (
    • Building will dwarf neighborhood and block light, among other issues
  • Requests: continue discussions/feedback process; shading study; traffic study; notification of demolition
  • Dan Neal/Paradigm: will ask architect re shading study; will notify neighborhood re demolition of existing structure on site; would engage with traffic consultant to study impact

Meeting ends approx 8.00