Comp Plan Comment Period Extended

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The Portland Comprehensive Plan is a long range 20 year plan for land use and infrastructure in the city.  The plan is currently undergoing an update as mandated by the state of Oregon.  Last fall, the deadline was extended for input so you still have time to submit written comment on the plan until March 13th 2015.  The easiest way to comment is using the Map App.

For Eliot Neighborhood specifically, the Land Use and Transportation Committee along with the Portland Bureau of Planning have proposed adjusting the residential zoning slightly by “down-zoning”  to help protect our historic housing inventory.  It also proposes changing some of our non-residential to mixed use and a few modifications to high density zoning.

For more information see the comp plan related articles that have been posted on our site, or visit the city’s Comprehensive Plan Update page.  Also, don’t forget to visit the Map App to leave your comments!

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