Board Meeting Minutes 2015-1-14

6:30 Board Meeting Begins

Kristin read the minutes and Joe Entler moves to have the minutes approved

All in favor none opposed

Office of Neighborhood Involvement—Mary Tompkins

Crime Prevention Coordinator for Eliot—–

Some concerns within Eliot would be:

  • Bike incidents
  • Squatters in abandoned buildings
  • Gang concerns in and around the neighborhood especially with the shooting that occurred at Rosemary Anderson.
  • Gang Task Force and ONI have created the “Enough is Enough” Program which will hopefully help deal with getting rid of the snitch code.
  • Call Rosemary Anderson if you would like to help volunteer there.
  • Remember you can always file a police report online or call the non-emergency number.

LUTC Update

Last month the LUTC discussed some major issues with Eliot including:

  • Preservation of historic homes
  • How to manage the large amount of vacant lots within the neighborhood
  • How to manage the development within neighborhood
  • Encourage affordable housing

Pat Montgomery asks what Eliot LUTC encourages when it comes to development within the neighborhood?

Recap discussion occurs about the rezoning of Eliot and what the LUTC is asking from the city

Jere mentions that would be nice to have something on the blog directing people to information about this topic because it is something that affects everyone who owns property here.

350 PDX—Mark Darienzo—

350 PDX is a climate change organization working on reducing greenhouse gasses and the Oregon Climate Declaration Plan

  • Some cities within Oregon have decided to divest from fossil fuel
  • NECN as an agency supports 350 PDX

Newsletter Update—Susan Stringer

  • Susan Stringer will be taking over as the editor of the newsletter
  • First edition of the new year will be published during February and the theme of the paper will be “What’s new in Eliot and getting to know your neighborhood” which will include the new board members, new businesses  and a recap of the Eliot Conversations which occurred this fall.
  • If you are writing an article it needs to be submitted by Monday, February 2nd.
  • In addition, they want to do a bio for each of the board members to create a feeling of familiarity with the neighborhood association hopefully drawing more neighbors to attend meetings and participating in upcoming events.  Please answer the questions below if you are a board member and send it in along with a picture to:
  1. How long have you lived in Eliot?
  2. How long have you lived in Portland?
  3. What’s your favorite thing about our neighborhood?
  4. What do you like to do with your free time?
  5. If you would like to share what you do for employment, please do
  6. Why did you join the neighborhood association board?
  7. What would you like to see as a future project for Eliot or just the future of Eliot?

Jim Hlava mentions that before we install new board members we might need to vet the person and their qualifications before making them board members.

There is also the question of how the board retains some power over the paper?

Clint mentions that removing someone from the board is an extremely tough process and wonders if this is necessary?

Annie Rudwick states that dissent is important, the acceptance of anyone as a board member is also a good thing and the fact that it is difficult to remove someone from the board is also vital to having a healthy board.  This makes it possible to have different points of view instead of just one and it hopefully makes it a safe place to disagree but disagreement  needs to be done in certain ways.

Do we adopt rules regarding how we communicate with each other and what would those rules look like?

Alan Sanchez moves that Susan Stringer is nominated as a board member and newspaper editor

Pat Montgomery seconds

All in favor none opposed

Community Conversations—Angela Kremer

  • Angela brings up the February Retreat and moving towards responding to the community conversations.
  • Would a strategic plan help us in tackling the issues that were brought up?
  • Jim Hlava mentions that one issue people have spoken to him about is that there seems to be a lot of talk and no action by the board.
  • Do we spend time strategically planning or do we plan an event that people care about to keep energy up?
  • Angela moves that the Elliot Neighborhood Association donate $75.00 to the Village Building Convergence so they will help subsidize our paint purchase for the street mural at Rodney and Tillamook.All in favor none opposed

Conversation about  Sara Long’s email and how we treat each other and communicate with each other in the future.

Clint Lundmark talks about his experience about being accused of horrible things and what that was like to not hear from anyone else on the board in disagreement of those things.

Joan Ivan motions (much more eloquently than I am about to do) that we state a resolution that Clint Lundmark has served the board tirelessly through being the chair, newspaper editor and web master for an extremely long time and we think he has done an amazing job in all those areas!

Jim Hlava seconds

All in favor

Alan Sanchez also states that Clint Lundmark was in charge of the newspaper when there were folks who were concerned about the people staying at the Pensione, which is the building that Alan manages, and Clint gave him a chance to respond to the people’s concerns through the newspaper.

All in all we think Clint is great and that he does incredible work for the neighborhood through the blog and his long time work!


Susan Stringer has three minutes before city hall council chambers on January 28th at 9:30 (1221 SW 4th Ave) Join her if you would like to support!