Quotes Needed for Courtyard

OneNorthCouryardOne North is a neighborhood development on Fremont between Williams and Vancouver with a courtyard nestled between three office buildings. The design plan includes laser-cut quotes in weathered steel bands located throughout the courtyard. What should they say? Your input is welcomed!

Send a short quote, phrase, or anecdote to onenorthpdx@gmail.com.  Submissions can be about what the character and history of the Boise and Eliot neighborhoods mean to you, what inspires you or just what you love about this place. Please be sure to include your name and the author.

You can also drop your ideas in person at one of the suggestion boxes located at the New Seasons grocery across the street from the site (at Williams & Fremont), the Urban League on Williams Avenue, or the ReBuilding Center on N Mississippi Avenue

Once the submissions are collected, the One North team will select entries that reflect the intent and values of the project.