Partial Dawson Park Closure

Dawson Park Splash Pad
Dawson Park Splash Pad

Portland Parks and Recreation is asking you to “Please pardon our dust!” as they perform some maintenance in Dawson Park this spring.

The water feature area will be closed from March 16th through May 2015.  Several elements need to be modified before it’s turned back on for the summer season to improve safety and address concerns identified after the feature was installed.   The historic graphics stainless steel plates under the boulders will be removed and modified off-site in a machine shop. The area will be fenced off while that work is happening.

Additionally, some lawn areas will be fenced for the spring grading and reseeding.  This will ensure the neighborhood enjoys a healthy, beautiful lawn throughout the spring, summer and fall!

Questions?  Please contact:

Sandra Burtzos, RLA
Capital Project Manager III | Design & Construction Services
Portland Parks & Recreation
Sandra.Burtzos@PortlandOregon. gov