Board Meeting Agenda 2015-03-16

Eliot Neighborhood Board Meeting Agenda
Monday March 16, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
St Philip Deacon Episcopal Church
120 NE Knott Street

Angela Kremer, Chair, facilitator

Some members absent: Alan, Jim, and Joe may arrive at 7 PM

1. Welcome and Introduction (6:30-6:45)

Pair and Share Question: What is a key accomplishment you hope to be part of on Eliot or this Spring? Why is that important to you?

2. Minutes Read and Approved (6:40)

3. Police Report and Crime Abatement (6:50)

4. Land Use Report (7:00-7:10)

5. Jeri and Kristin on Sandwhich Boards (7:10-7:25)

6. Community Conversations Follow Up-

Trash Pick up/Clean Up Day,
Redevelopment, and
Garden Involvement Announcements

7. Resolution: Adding New Board members and Bylaws Discussion

Board Member addition: Reverend Deborah Brown would like to join our Board so we will have a resolution. She is the pastor of St. Philip the Deacon and has attended our Conversations. Becca Pollard also is interested to join our Board who has been involved this year and newsletter and web team and she is able to organize National Night Out.

Issue to Discuss: We may temporarily have more community members than by laws suggest until we recruit or discuss changes.

8. RePaint Project on Tillamook and Rodney Project: Budget Request 8:00 PM

Jeri would like to discuss her project and update the Board. She may prepare the Board for a funding request. We have limited the funding in past for this year to allow another intersection to share funds; no one has been able to organize another so the Board needs to decide how much funding we want to offer again to the one and only project.

9. Announcements and Comments (8:10 PM)

Rodney Bikeway Open House April 1 6-8 PM Immaculate Heart 2926 N Williams

Adjourned estimate 8:30 PM