Know your board: Becca Pollard

“Know your board” is a series of articles to help you get to know the members of your Eliot Neighborhood Association Board.

Becca Pollard
Becca Pollard

Becca Pollard moved from Columbus, Ohio to Portland in 2004 and has lived in Eliot for a year.  She loves that Eliot is in close proximity to so many things and is so bike and pedestrian friendly making it pretty comfortable to live here without a car.  In her free time she likes to see live music, have drinks with friends or get out of the city and go hiking or camping.  Pollard is a Brand Ambassador for the Curb app and also does freelance social media and videography.  She also runs an online vintage shop, Helen May Vintage, with her aunt.

Pollard was pretty involved with another neighborhood association before moving to Eliot and she missed having that connection with her community. After she attended a few meetings and got to know some of the board members she saw that there were a handful of dedicated people putting in a lot of time and effort to accomplish the goals of the neighborhood association. She saw a real need for more people to step up and help out.  Pollard noticed that communications in particular was one area that needed help and since that is her background it was easy for her to identify tasks that she could help with.

She also hopes to bring back National Night Out as Eliot has not had one since 2010.  She as been on the board for 2 months now and really jumped right in with both feet!   Pollard would like to see a greater awareness of Eliot’s identity and its history.   A lot of people who live here, especially renters like herself, may not know how the neighborhood has changed and how the changes have affected long-time residents.  It’s a historical neighborhood and there’s a lot happening here that she thinks residents would be excited about if they knew about it.