Board Meeting Minutes 2015-11-16


Board Members Present: Annie Rudwick, Angela Kremer, Clint Lundmark, Jere Fitterman, Jeri Stein, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Joe Entler, Johnny Engleheart-Noel, Kristin Yates, Patricia Montgomery, Ronnie Blocker, Sue Stringer

Visitors Present: Pati Anae (PSU Student), Tom Martin (PSU Student), Candy Litinco (Kalpan International)

6:30 Meeting begins with a question. What roles should ENA have in welcoming new residents and businesses?  Why is this important to you?

Kaplan International School with Candy Litinco

  • Students are coming to Portland on a weekly basis to study English at Kaplan International and they need families in Eliot Neighborhood to provide homestays.
  • They would love for more Eliot families to host students because of the centralized location and access to public transportation.
  • You can host for as short as 2 weeks or up to a year and you get a weekly stipend.
  • Most students are 21+ years old.
  • Contact Candy at for more information.

Minutes read and after corrections from Sue and Angela; Sue motioned to approve the minutes. Eight in favor one opposed.

Crime Report

  • No officer on duty present
  • On Wednesday, November 11th around 3:15pm a man was shot and killed near the intersection of Fargo and Vancouver.  On Thursday, November 12th shots were heard around Irvington Park.
  • Jeri Stein mentioned an increase in car prowls and mail being stolen.
  • Friendly reminder to not leave anything in your car.  You might know that you only have dirty socks in your gym bag but someone looking doesn’t know that.  Also, get packages delivered to your work if you won’t be home or make sure they won’t be dropped off at your home unless you are home to sign for them.
  • Sue stated that she will follow up with neighborhood officer and the North Precinct Office about getting an officer at our next meeting.
  • Neighborhood Watch is mentioned and present need for it.  2-3 groups exist already.  Contact Jere Fitterman if you want more info
  • It is suggested that in each Newsletter we post a map of already established Neighborhood Watch Groups and also put contact info for how to become a part of those groups.  Hopefully we can watch the size of Neighborhood Watch Groups grow quarterly.
  • Sue motions that we continue to encourage our neighbors to become more active in Neighborhood Watch, have updates in the paper with a visual map and also have neighbors speak to their experience about Neighborhood Watch.
  • All in favor none opposed.

Land Use and Transportation Committee with Clint Lundmark

7th and Thompson Development

  • Two buildings with four units in each. Two-storied with pitched roof and it will be on scale with the homes on the block. Development fits in with the neighborhood.  Developer is requesting a setback of five feet instead of six feet and a roof overhang of two feet instead of one foot which LUTC thinks will look better. Grade of driveway will be towards the street and they have a “tree plan”.

Williams and San Rafael Development

  • Five-Storied building with 165 units and 90 parks spots.  PBOT is requiring them to have extra-wide sidewalks.
  • The building with be U-shaped so even the interior apartments have city views.
  • The derelict building currently there once housed an African American newspaper.
  • Market value.  They were asked to do some low-income places but they opted out because of the extra work it takes.
  • Sue keeps hearing that the city wants more low-income housing but she is not seeing much follow through on this.
  • Jim Hlava mentions it was very important to Cascadia to make sure what they are building is for low-income but you must  be prepared because there is tons of extra work for the developer to go through this process.

MLK and Sacramento Development

  • Ground floor will be commercial.
  • Five Stories with 16 units (8 two-bedroom, 8 one-bedroom)
  • Market Value

LUTC Elections


  • Allan Rudwick – LUTC Chair –,
  • Mike Warwick – LUTC Vice Chair –


  • Clint Lundmark –
  • Laurie Simpson –
  • Montserrat Arribillaga –
  • Paul Van Orden –
  • Phil Conti –

Clint moves that we re-elect LUTC Committee as is. All in favor, none opposed.

  • Angela wants to encourage renters and commercial owners to be a part of LUTC.
  • Clint states that it is hard to get quorum now.  He wants to make sure that people who want to  be on the committee take it seriously enough to show up for each meeting.

Grant Warehouse Redevelopment with Angela Kremer

History of Building

  • A PCRI-led team was picked to develop the former Grant Warehouse site. The site, located on NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, between Cook and Ivy streets, is envisioned with new affordable rental housing and community-serving ground floor commercial retail space.
  • Pat Montgomery speaks up about the displacement of African American people from NE Portland to Gresham neighborhoods and how this has affected the community.
  • She would like ENA to put pressure on the city and the PCRI team to make sure promises are kept.

7th and Russell Development with Sue Stringer

  • She will get a letter to new chair to be signed in support of traffic calming measures along 7th .

Board Member Elections

Pat Montgomery nominates Jere Fitterman, Johnny Engleheart-Noel and Ronnie Blocker as board members for the 2016 year

  • All in favor, none opposed

Clint Lundmark nominates Joe Entler as a board member for the 2016 year

  • All in favor , none opposed

Officer Elections

  • Angela Kremer reads a list of duties for each officer
  • Annie Rudwick nominates Kristin Yates as Recorder, Jeri Stein seconds, all in favor none opposed.
  • Angela nominates Annie Rudwick as Treasurer, Joe Entler seconds, all in favor, none opposed.
  • Jeri Stein nominates Sue Stringer as Editor of Eliot Neighborhood Newspaper, Pat Montgomery seconds, all in favor, none opposed.
  • Angela nominates Pat Montgomery and Jere Fitterman as Co-Chairs of Eliot Neighborhood Association, Joe seconds. Discussion.
  • Clint speaks up that the co-chair model is not one that normally works and that he will be voting against this model not against these people.
  • Many questions are asked of Pat Montgomery and Jere Fitterman.  They seem keen on wanting to take this on and they will be delegating the work load evenly and only one person will be in charge of correspondence.
  • The are good at communication and neither of them will let all of the work fall on the other person.
  • Motion stating that Pat Montgomery and Jere Fitterman will be co-chair for the 2016 year passes.  One opposition vote.

Treasure Report with Annie Rudwick

  • We have 8,243.23 in the account
  • Annie Rudwick needs the contact of the Blazer Representative to get the money from the last two years.
  • Angela Kremer will get her this contact and wants to be cc’ed in the email.
  • $1000 in Communication Funds from NECN is received differently now.  We receive $500, write a report in January about what we did with those funds and they send us another $500.

New Executive Board

  • Sue Stringer wants the Executive Board to meet to go over the 2016 year. Jeri Stein seconds, all in favor, none opposed.


Sue Stringer mentions a Town Hall Meeting that Amanda Fritz is hosting: A forum about Portland Public Parks on November 30th 7-8:30pm at PCC Campus on 82nd.

Reminder to all that December is our traditional meeting + potluck.  Bring something to share.  Also, we need someone to bring plastic utensils and napkins, maybe out of the petty cash supply available to the chair.