Forgotten Realms Homeless Camp

ForgottenRealmsForgotten Realms is just one of several legal homeless camps setting up throughout Portland with permission from the city as part of the homeless state of emergency.

The site is behind Legacy Emanuel Medical Center and received a 500 gallon water donation.

Legacy Emanuel is working with the mayor’s office and some residents of the Eliot neighborhood in this effort.

By Vicki Guinn, Legacy Health, Public and Community Relations

3 thoughts on “Forgotten Realms Homeless Camp

  1. As a member of a team who is interested in the success of this camp of houseless neighbors and the other houseless folks I want to thank all of you. This group of neighbors share many of the same issues as we who are housed do but their resources are severely restricted. The willingness to co-inhabit the same neighbor for the benefit of all is outstanding. We can all do something, whether by donations and/or smiles as you pass each other. Blessings to all, Carol


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