Eliot Spring Clean-Up 2016

Clean Up 2015It’s time for the annual Eliot Spring Clean-Up!

On Sunday, May 22nd from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm clean out your closets, unclutter your garage, organize your book shelves and recycle your outdated and broken electronics. Also bring us your used furniture, clothes, household items and old bicycles. This is the one Eliot Neighborhood Association fundraiser of the year so give generously.

We will have dumpsters on site as well as electronics recycling by Green Century, scrap metal recycling and an onsite swap meet for those things too good to throw away. Items remaining will be taken to Community Warehouse, Goodwill and Title Wave Book Store. You just might find that one item that really puts the room together or completes your outfit.

Here are the details so you can join in the effort to clean up Eliot and your house too!

Date: Sunday May 22nd
Time: 11 am -2 pm
Place: Legacy Emanuel parking lot 120 N Knott St, enter on N Graham between Williams and Vancouver

We CAN take furniture, debris and junk, scrap metal (please separate from other items), books, bicycles and parts, clothing and household items, electronics (anything with a cord).

We can NOT take yard debris, dirt, stumps, wood, (treated or painted),hazardous materials, regular household garbage, and recyclables that go in your blue curb side bin.

Additionally, this year because of new asbestos rules Metro insists we absolutely can NOT take Flooring (vinyl tiles, vinyl sheet, cove base molding, mastic), Walls (plaster, decorative plaster), Siding (cement siding shingles, e.g., “transite”, Ceilings (acoustical tiles, popcorn and spray-on texture), insulation(spray-applied, blown-in, vermiculite, pipe, HVAC and lagging) Electrical (wire insulation, panel partitions), fire doors, fire brick, and fire proofing.

Need help hauling your materials? Pick-up assistance is available for our Seniors and disabled residents. Call ahead to arrange for a pick up. **One Load Limit**

Small Vehicle $5-10
Pick-up $20 and up
Oversize loads $25 and up
Donated Bikes—Free
Tires— $3 each
Separated metals—varies by quantity
TV – $12
CRT monitor – $7
(Donations support neighborhood projects and events)

Want to volunteer? Have any questions? We need people the day of the event to unload materials into dumpsters, to sort, direct traffic, etc. There is also a walking litter pick-up event that day and we need volunteers for that too. Pitch in and help clean up Eliot!

To arrange a pick-up, ask questions or to volunteer please contact Sue at 971-255-0697

This clean-up is funded by Metro and the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods with help from Green Century Recycling, Heiberg Sanitation, Volunteers of America, and Legacy Health.

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