Adopt a Storm Drain

Clearing a Storm DrainPortland’s storm drains help drain storm water quickly and efficiently and keep our streets safe. But when drains get clogged with fallen leaves and other debris, it can lead to ponding water in our streets and at our intersections. That makes it harder to drive, walk, bike and roll around town. Portland Bureau of Transportation crews work hard to keep the drains clear. But with over 58,000 drains in the city, they can’t get to all of them.

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Livability Committee Update

… And the news from the front lines of the battle against litter: As part of a new city-wide initiative, the Eliot Livability Team recently led the local effort of “Pick it Up, Portland!” On a clear and warm  Thursday morning at the end of August, 26 volunteers gathered to collect 40 bags of litter from Eliot’s streets and sidewalks.

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CCC Clean Start PDX Launches

Central City Concern has had a positive impact on many Portland residents. As their website states, “Central City Concern (CCC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency serving single adults and families in the Portland metro area who are impacted by homelessness, poverty and addictions. Founded in 1979, the agency has developed a comprehensive continuum of affordable housing options integrated with direct social services including healthcare, recovery and employment.”

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Pick it up, Portland! picks ELIOT

Litter just waiting to be picked up.

Hello Neighbors! Good news: The Oregon environmental non-profit organization SOLVE has chosen Eliot to be part of a new citywide volunteer neighborhood litter clean-up event. If you happen to be free on Thursday morning August 31st, I hope you will join us to help clean up our neighborhood.

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Eliot Clean Up— A Great Success

Green Century Recycling
An Eliot Resident and Francisco from Green Century Recycling

On Saturday, May 13, the Eliot Neighborhood Association held its annual Spring Clean Up event.  Close to 30 volunteers gathered in the Legacy Emanuel Parking Lot at the corner of N Williams and N Graham for four hours to collect residents junk, reusable household items and furniture, books, toys, bicycles, clothes and shoes.  Residents came in cars, trucks and even on bikes with awesome trailers!

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City Council Approves Grant to Fund Clean Start PDX

A few months ago Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods and members of Eliot neighborhood met to discuss trash and livability issues in our inner northeast neighborhoods. Eliot has seen an increase in litter and debris related to the Moda Center and homelessness. We agreed to talk to Central City Concern about their Clean Start Program.

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Annual Eliot Spring Clean Up

2016 Eliot Cleanup

It’s that time of year again when we get the urge to do a bit of spring cleaning and get rid of all that clutter that has been gathering in our closets, basements and garages.  How convenient that the Eliot Neighborhood Association is organizing it’s annual spring clean-up event where you can bring  items that you no longer want that someone else may have been pining for and throw away that broken chair that’s taking up valuable real estate in your shed.

When: Saturday, May 13 from 10 am -2 pm
Where: Legacy Emanuel parking lot at N Graham and Williams

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Adopt a Block Neighbors

The Adopt-A-Block initiative is gaining some traction, adding new folks slowly but surely. Below is a list of your neighbors who are interested in making Eliot a safer and more pleasant environment in which to live. Let me know if you are interested in keeping your block free of litter and the storm drains flowing and I’ll add your name to the list which will be published periodically.

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Livability Team Adopt a Block

Keep the Neighborhood Clean!

Hi Eliot Neighbors!  My name is Lauren Mullen and I’m a member of the Eliot Livability Team.

Our neighborhood has linked with SOLVE to sponsor Neighborhood Litter Pick-Up events during the year. The last litter pickup was in October. We would like to build on that spirit of good stewardship by starting an Adopt-a-Block initiative. We want it to be simple and informal. Let me know if you are interested in keeping your block free of litter and the storm drains flowing and I’ll add your name to the list which will be published periodically.

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More Trash Talk

Litter Pickup
Litter Pickup May 2016

The Eliot neighborhood was treated to another round of committed, volunteer trash collectors in May. On May 22nd, 29 of your neighbors and fellow residents of Portland walked along sidewalks and side yards and maneuvered around sewer grates, curbsides, and vehicles plucking up the latest batch of accumulated fast-food wrappers, cigarette butts, and uncharitably tossed debris.

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Clean Up Recap

Clean up
2016 Eliot Clean up

Eliot is looking much cleaner after our annual Spring Clean-Up on May 22 sponsored by Metro and the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.  About 50 families brought their unwanted items and junk to the clean-up site at Legacy Emanuel parking lot on Williams and Graham.  We collected 4 dumpsters full of junk, 1333 pounds of electronics to be recycled, many boxes of books, hundreds of articles of clothing, reusable household items and a pick up truck full of scrap metal.  Donations from the event totaled close to $800 which will be used to help  sponsor events like the free Dawson Park Concerts, the Jambalaya festival, the Soul Stroll and other neighborhood events.  This is the Eliot Neighborhood Association’s main fund raiser for the year so it was good to see so many residents in attendance.

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