Board Meeting Minutes 2016-05-16


Board Members: Jere Fitterman, Jeri Stein, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Kristin Yates, Patricia Montgomery, Sue Stringer

Visitors: Kim Pendell, Noah Dunham (One North), Sarah Isbitz (One North), Vicki Guinn (Emanuel), Corliss McKeever (African American Health Coalition), Errol Beard, Victoria Frey (?) (PICA)

Meeting Begins at 6:41 with introductions

Soul Stroll 2016 with Corliss McKeever

  • Join us for the 14th Annual 2.4k or 5k Soul Stroll for Health with 2016 Soul Stroll Grand Marshal Cathy Mayes.
  • Show your support at the Soul Stroll (Wellness Walk) where the community comes together to CELEBRATE, raise awareness of health disparities among the African American Community, and raise funds to sustain the physical activity program.
  • Jeri Bee motions that Eliot should sign the Dawson Park permit for Soul Stroll free use of that park for their event.
  • Jim Hlava seconds: all in favor

One North Celebration with Sarah Isbitz and Noah Dunham

  • Announcing the Courtyard at One North’s first annual Summer Party: “This Must be the Place” June 18th 2:00-6:00pm
  • What: An annual neighborhood event celebrating community, art, food and culture. Featuring music from Ural Thomas & The Pain, The Andre St. James Trio. Historic Walking Tours of the Williams/Vancouver corridor done by OB Hill.  Neighborhood food and drink provided by New Seasons, Hub Urban Brewery, Las Primas, Whole Bowl, Bread & Honey Cafe, and POA Cafe.


Don’t forget about the Eliot Neighborhood Cleanup on May 22nd from 11-2.  There is a job for everyone!  Sue will report back at the June meeting!


Dawson Park Concert Series kicks off on July 6th!

  • It will be a great summer of shows and a movie in our favorite neighborhood park!
  • Sue motions that we sponsor Dawson Park Cocert Series with $500.
  • Jeri Stein seconds. All in Favor
  • Jeri will email Annie about the  money.

Forgotten Realms Camp is presenting a Good Neighbor Agreement to Emanuel Hospital. Jere Fitterman writing to Vicki Guinn at Emanuel letting her know that we would like to have say in the GNA. We will invite Saint to the meetings with the hope that we can stay in the loop and better support them.

Good in the Hood with Jeri Stein June 24th-26th

  • Jeri Stein would like $150 for the permit fee to have an Eliot booth at Good in the Hood this year and lots of help from Eliot Board.
  • All in favor; none opposed.

Summer in September Jambalaya Festival with Meals on Wheels

  • Join us for the 11th annual Summer in September Jambalaya Festival & BBQ at Dawson Park on Saturday, Sept. 10, from noon to 6 p.m. The event will feature authentic Creole Jambalaya, BBQ ribs, sides and dessert.
  • Featuring live music by  BlowFrogz, Heatwave (Jefferson HS Jazz Band), Speaker Minds, Elite and DJ Doc Rock.
  • Kids area with games, fun and more! Door prizes, including a flat screen TV and a tablet!
  • Admission to the event is free. Individual meal tickets are $15. Group meal ticket for four is $45.
  • David Lomax presented last month with an ask but we did not have quorum.
  • Kristin motions that we give Summer in September $500. Joan Ivan seconds; all in favor.  They will also use Dawson Park for this event!

Neighborhood concern was reported to Patricia Montgomery about Air Bnb and the place not actually being lived in by a resident. Jere Fitterman was going to respond because she is an Air BnB registered host and knows many of the rules.