Board Meeting Minutes 2016-06-20

minutesBoard Members Present: Annie Rudwick, Angela Kremer, Clint Lundmark, Jere Fitterman, Joan Ivan, Kristin Yates, Patricia Montgomery, Sue Stringer

Visitors Present: Roya Amirsoleymani (PICA) Victoria Frey (PICA) Kelsey Cardwell (Initiative Petition 65)

Introductions start at 6:40

Initiative Petition 65 with Kelsey Cardwell 

  • Yes on 65 would help provide career tech education programs in all Oregon High Schools
  • 10,000 students each year leave Oregon High Schools without a diploma
  • 75% do remedial course work at community colleges
  • The ballot measure would work in three ways: vocational education (career tech), dropout prevention programs, college level courses in high school
  • How can you help with the campaign? Endorse Initiative 65 and help spread the word

Sue makes a motion that we write a letter of support for Initiative 65; Annie seconds; all in favor.

Eliot Neighborhood Cleanup with Sue Stringer

  • Not as good of results as last year even though we did more advertising.
  • There were also fewer board members helping out
  • We need more pickup trucks
  • Lots of people helped from the neighborhood and from outside the neighborhood.
  • Shout outs to PICA – they provided tents and sandbags to keep those tents on the ground. EX NOVO – they provided people and SOLVE (29 volunteers picked up 40 bags of trash) – they organized people outside of the neighborhood to do a litter pickup
  • Make sure that we bring a card to the next Eliot Meeting to thank these folks with
  • Next SOLVE litter pickup schedule for October 1st

Things to do better next year:

  • Let people know it is our MAIN fundraiser of the year and let them know what we do with that money.  We do big things!
  • Give people a breakdown of what they would pay at Metro to dump their junk
  • Another pickup truck
  • More board members present

Outreach meetings for Neighborhood Watch take place at 47th and Burnside if folks are interested in hearing more!

Emergency Preparedness– it would be great if more people were involved in Boise Neighborhoods preparation.

City is reassessing Forgotten Realms homeless camp and they seem so be moving the camps also.

PICA came to the neighborhood!

  • They will be located at 15th and Hancock and have a rental agreement for 20 years
  • Best known for TBA (Time Based Art) their Festival that runs from Sept. 8th-18th

Discussion about not overextending ourselves as a board and making sure we can actually cover the events the neighborhood already puts on.

If nothing too pressing comes up we decided that we would host the next Neighborhood Meeting at the Dawson Park Concert on July 13th—Hank Shreve Band (Rockin’ blues and soulful originals)

Also possible August 15th ice cream social at PICA

The Livability Team has restarted – one project that we talked about was using the Blazer Funds to make the Rodney traffic diversion more beautiful with plants.

Joan no longer wants to serve as our liaison between  Eliot and  NECN. Paul Van Orden is also our rep but he never attends Eliot meetings.  We appreciate the work he is doing for the neighborhood but we are not sure he is the best fit to be the liaison.  Jere will write him an email asking him if he would still like this position and what Eliot would require for this position.

On September 23rd from 2-5 Cascadia will be hosting a poetry slam at their groundbreaking site!

Watch Grant High Schools Losing Albina

Meeting adjourned at 8:30