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Earlier this year the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (FCCO) was hedged out of its home of twenty plus years in the Eliot neighborhood by rising rent and a need to expand into a larger space.  Now based in Southwest Portland near the Hawthorne bridge, Executive Director, Karen Kraus says, “They are still able to conveniently manage the population of feral cats in Eliot with the assistance of local residents.” They purchased the building in Southwest Portland, completely remodeled it to suit their very specific needs, and on June 25th celebrated the grand opening as well as the organization’s 21st birthday. Their new building is easily accessible from I-5 or the Hawthorne Bridge.

FCCO does high volume spraying for feral cats and stray cats which are being fed in the neighborhood. Now they have services for low income people to get their pet cats neutered. Kraus says, “We are low cost and affordable for anyone who has a need.” Call for an appointment for feral and stray spay/neutering or affordable pet services.

What is the difference between a feral can and other stray cats? Feral cats are untamed and easily frightened and qualify for vaccines, are treated for ear mites, get ear tipped (international symbol), and spayed or neutered. A stray cat is one whose owner moved away, abandoned it, or is just being fed a bowl of food left out. They are not ear tipped. These two categories of cat are offered services at a suggested donation to FCCO. Low income pet care is offered at a fee for service basis. See the website for rates.

Summer time is kitten season. Cats have an average 61 days gestation, then can be back in heat as soon as a litter is born, even while nursing and kittens can get pregnant at 5 months of age. With the increasing population of residents in Eliot and Portland Kraus says, “with many different attitudes around the country-…we want folks to do it the Portland Way! Get your kitty spayed or neutered -Stop future generations!”

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 10, 2016 for the 4th Annual Catio Tour! FCCO and the Audubon Society of Portland have formed a truly unique partnership to motivate a change in our community. Both organizations agree that by having fewer pet cats roaming freely it is better for the cats and for wildlife. “We created the Catio Tour to offer inspiration for those looking for ways for their cats to have safe outdoor time,” says Kraus.

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