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Wellspring School

The Wellspring School for Healing Arts has been providing comprehensive training in Amma Bodywork Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Movement Arts, and Wholistic Nutrition since 1995. Our goal is to build healthy communities through whole mind/body education – empowering every individual to realize their full physical, mental, and spiritual potential!

We offer a wide variety of public classes and clinics to help support a vibrant, holistic lifestyle year round. Attend a weekly public movement class in Qigong, T’ai Chi or the Feldenkrais Method™ to help cultivate and move your life-force energy (Qi), or take advantage of our upcoming Wholistic Nutrition Every Day series to learn more about how our nutrition plays into our everyday health and quality of life.

The Wellspring School is currently enrolling for both of our professional certification programs: Wholistic Nutrition (November 2016) and Amma Therapy (January 2017). Our programs offer the highest caliber of hands-on training and classroom experience. The Wholistic Nutrition Program blends Eastern & Western approaches to nutrition, focusing on the value of a whole foods based diet.

Amma Therapy is an ancient Asian healing art that predates acupuncture. It was brought to the US in the 1970’s, and is recognized by the AOBTA (American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asian) as a distinct lineage Asian Bodywork form. This specialized modality combines Chinese Medicine principles with deep, therapeutic digital pressure to assess and treat imbalances in the energy system. Amma Therapy can help alleviate digestive issues, allergies, auto immune conditions, reproductive concerns, depression, anxiety, muscular/skeletal issues and much more. Try it for yourself! Join our soon to graduate Amma students at their weekly Amma Student Clinic, held on Tuesdays through November for an hour of self-care at a very reasonable price ($35).

Please visit our website for upcoming class details, to download our current student catalogs, view or blog or learn about our amazing staff!

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By Rachael Myles