Board Meeting Minutes 2016-11-21

minutesMinutes taken by Shireen Hasan


Dislocated Camp – Forgotten Realm Representatives ; Red Cross Representative (Curtis Peetz); NECN Representative (Jessica)

Red Cross – Curtis Peetz – Providing education about fire alarms; Red Cross wants to reach about 300 homes in Boise Neighborhood to help reduce/prevent risk of house fires; People can sign up to help, & there will be a meet-up on Saturday January 14, 2017 8:30a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at the American Red Cross 3131 N Vancouver Ave., Portland, OR 97227. This will be the service day, & they will train day of event and need volunteers to go out to homes to install/check/replace fire alarms. This is a free service to the community. They need ENA support to help advertise in newsletter and get the word out. Curtis will send Sue electronic information. People who are interested can also go to Red Cross website, Email or call Curtis Peetz at 503-528-5669.

Forgotten Realm –Safety and Sanitation issues: Camp managers states accumulation of items, garbage, safety issues; rats. The City has the restricted resources to remove garbage and debris; lack of organization at camp; hoarding issues. New management needs support of a dumpster for clean up, removal of items/garbage, need recycle; generator needs to be repaired. Need a stove (stove was stolen); management feels that security camera is a priority.

Johnny Englehart concerns for fire hazard

Shireen questions re: heat for campers

Discussion: To ask Metro for assistance, they are the dumpsite (Regional Gov’t); City does garbage services; when in need of greater assistance – they ask Metro. Mayor’s office has been apprised; something was setup, but has fallen apart. Two emails were sent but no response from Mayor’s office. Forgotten Realm needs help to be set up again. Litter pick up program ‘Solve’ will pay for dumping if we do collecting. ENA will pay for dump fee. Looking for initial program to clean up and bring in large dumpster. Forgotten Realm management states that they can clean camp out, they only need access to resources to do what they need to do. Livability Adopt a Block may help. Campers were encouraged to go to churches that may serve dinner.

Mayor was working with former manager at camp site (Saint) regarding code of conduct at the camp, but current management has not heard from the Mayor’s office; Current management has a code of conduct.

Su(e) (guest) offered Forgotten Realm information to resources for clothing to children/clothing drive.

Exchange of resource information with ENA and Jessica @ NECN to Forgotten Realm. Encouraged Forgotten Realm management to reach out to ENA if they need help before the next meeting; help to get them dumpster. We can advertise on Next Door suggestions for clothing drive for kids, and keep up with what’s going on.

ENA Jere will contact Mayor’s office and ask them to work with IC ASAP and will follow up. Member states that the City has dropped the ball on the campers; ENA board as a rule that we are not a social service.

Sue asks Forgotten Realm management if they need blankets, hats, gloves or other supplies. ENA will deliver items needed; cleaning items & will ask citizens to bring gloves and other needed items.

Forgotten Realm to follow up with ENA and NECN. NECN will help and contact resources for them.

New Business not on Agenda: Member wants to have a liaison with Blazers; need a Board member who can do this; Blazers have specific ways to using funds – because of how it impacts blazers games (ie. Trash receptacles in more place – pick up trash & take away).

Requests for someone else to be on Livability Committee re: blazer sponsorship; does not have to be a board member to be on committee. Blazers were very receptive to helping ENA. Jere will continue liaison with Livability Committee until we find someone.

Question: What time commitment?

Will continue receiving support until ENA can put up our own parking program; Need to pay for parking permit – will continue to receive funding as long as not too many people are frustrated. Issues of people dumping garbage in street etc.; Livability committee is working on it. People are more open to placing garbage in receptacles if the receptacles can be seen around.

NECN: Jessica NECN talks about Northeast Coalition Neighborhoods Newsletter: NECN receives money direct from Neighborhood Involvement (from City); then distributes to neighborhood associations.

  • Has started first hard copy newsletter to go out to neighborhoods – will welcome any information. ENA wants to share.
  • NECN will not be delivering newspapers to ENA boundaries; will go to other neighborhoods

Sue comments not intentionally leaving ENA out, they just want to allow hard copies to neighborhoods that do not receive newsletter, but we can share stories back and forth with NECN.

The newsletter will be quarterly and are asking people for events January thru March; want to highlight unsunken heroes, nonprofits, small businesses that are doing great work etc.

New Land Use hearing coming up November, 30, 2016 at MLK Elementary School at 7:00 p.m. (SNACKS PROVIDED) Invited Environmental Justice to come give their breakdown and input. Let Jessica know if ENA wants the neighborhood or City to know anything. This is an opportunity to unify.

Jessica invited public to comment on November 30, 2016 at MLK School regarding Zone Cost issue. Opal will be speaking about zoning (Land Use Transportation Committee)

Discussion: Requests to help Sue with editing for ENA newsletter; Anyone interested in writing a story contact

Report from Wes regarding Land and Transportation Committee: Emanuel Hospital annual contribution to Land; what they are doing and how they are doing it; two projects in motion 1) designing new process approved by the Senator of Committee.

Questions/Comment: affordable housing, gentrification; Was it anything related to affordable housing?

Discussion: ENA Newsletter- comes out January, April, and July, October (quarterly); started mailings in 2016 in neighborhoods; 2600 total; will have more residents as apartments increase. 12 page newsletters advertisers purchase (125 increase of business/residents; Purchase 1 to 4 issues from business card size, covers costs of printing and mailing. ENA has non- profit mailing redirection for postage; there has been a decrease in members for this committee from 7 to 2 – need help: author’s content/contribution, contributing to calendar if any upcoming need in by December 13, 2016, between 1-8 of December for January 1, 2017; Sue will be busy and unavailable for a while – may not meet deadline; need Cascadia article or anyone who can help will be great. 1) suggestions for article to guest(s) not really wanting to write but may know someone 2) Need people to interview and write up; need proofing/reading (Shireen/Su(e) offered to help); If anyone knows of story send information to Sue.


Pat moves to accept ‘Expectations of Board Members: 1) Be an officer or chair on a committee plus attend and work on at least 2 ENA events during a calendar year. 2) Communicate attendance changes – be on time. Tardy after 10 minutes will be considered absent unless communicated to ENA prior to that you are not coming or are going to be late (in case decisions may need to be postponed, etc.) 3) After 3 consecutive absences pursuant to bylaws members are no longer a board member. One year term for board members, then vote again each year or you are voted on again or you can volunteer; officers are only allowed 3 consecutive terms to allow some change.”

Sue seconds the motion

Discussion: – concern about not having officer or chair for a committee- do not have 10 standing committees- need to figure out how to spread work around to be effective; it’s a lot to chair a committee/other commitments- eliminate chair and just have member(s) be a part of a committee

Discussion – Communications Committee put up sandwich boards, did the Next Door announcements for meeting; 100 residents attended; need to be efficient getting emails out to people.

LUTC NECN – want to see a welcoming committee

Motion to amend the “Expectations” motion: To change wording from Chair of committee to Member of a committee – to attend/work on 2 events a year.

All in favor of amendments (PASS); none opposed

All in favor of expectations (PASS) none opposed

Nominations for Board Member Wes Ayers – he will go to Land Use meeting and report back to ENA.

Call to nominate for Wes Ayers – all in favor (PASS) none opposed

Questions: Nominations for officers or ask people; secret ballots or to vote or anyone interested in open positions.

Discussion: Bylaws require ENA Chair, Vice Chair, Recorder, Treasurer duties

Jessica with NECN offered to help when ENA needs her to do anything; NECN provides fiscal sponsorship

Nomination for existing co-chairs Jere/Pat to remain co-chairs for next year –? Nominates– Johnny Englehart seconds motion (PASS) none opposed

Nomination for Secretary – Shireen Hasan, Sue second, all in favor (PASS) none opposed; Jere will help Shireen

Nomination for Treasury – Jim Hlava volunteers, all in favor (PASS) none opposed; Jim to contact Annie, and to work with Jere and Pat

Sue asks about voting for Newsletter Jere followed up all in favor (PASS) none opposed

Discussion what kinds of committees; newsletter, livability (clean up Blazer funds); NECN; a list of committees will be sent out & will discuss at next meeting; ideas for new committees. Tabled discussion.

Motion – Potluck next meeting December 19, 2016, second. All are okay with action to bring food; all agree (none opposed); Reminder will be sent out.

Discussion: Keep updating every month about what is coming up re: committees and events for everyone attending and board members; Suggestion to switch up agenda by doing announcement similar to this meeting in the future; then do community engagement before full agenda – have food.

Sue put out an advertisement on Next Door; she received response with suggestions for game nights, happy hour more events activities for community, etc. ENA start in January 2017 a plan for next year –talk about next meeting.

Visitors Present: Yah Fah, Heidi VanZant, Norman Haugen, Curtis Peetz, Su(e) Diyg, Alexandra Weinstein, Wes Ayers

Board Members Present: Pat Montgomery, Ronnie Blocker, Sue Stringer, Jere Fitterman, Johnny Engleheart-Noel, Shireen Hasan