Letter from the Eliot News Editor

Happy New Year Eliot! With 2017 upon us it is time to reflect on what we were able to accomplish and experience in 2016 and make some resolutions and plans for this new year.  I find January a month I look forward to as a sort of reboot after all the busyness  of the holiday season.  Now well into winter, we are able to take some time to start a few new habits, take up a new exercise routine, focus on a new skill, try a new entertainment venue and also meet some new friends in the process.

The Winter 2017 issue of Eliot News should make those resolutions easier as it has some novel ideas for new ways to exercise such as boxing at McConnell’s Boxing Academy or honing your kitchen skills at the Portland Culinary School.  There are also some interesting activities in February like the second annual Portland Winter Light Festival, the Portland Story Theater and an inspiring talk hosted by the Happiness Center.

The Eliot Neighborhood Association has some resolutions to make and planning to do as well.  In October we voted in a new board with some new members and returning members that got together on January  16 to start planning what events, activities and goals for 2017.  Next issue we will meet the new board members with a spotlight on who they are, why they joined and what they have to offer the board.  To help us, you, as survey respondents, let us know what you like about the neighborhood and what we need to do to make it a better place as well as how we can get together to join in community and friendship.  We appreciate all the thoughtful time you took to answer the survey.  Others can always chime in by email or phone.  Please feel free to send your thoughts and ideas to me and they will be shared with the board to help us plan ways to engage with you and help everyone to feel more connected.

I hope that 2017 is a meaningful year and that even with all the potential changes in the country you find time to focus on yourself and  will join us so we can get to know you.

Opinions, feedback and ideas for future newsletter articles or events can be sent to news@eliotneighborhood.org or call  971-255-0697.