Board Meeting Minutes 2017-02-20

minutesEliot Neighborhood Association ENA
Meeting Minutes
February 20, 2017
6:30-8:30 pm
St Philip Deacon Episcopal Church
NE 120 Knott St 

Meeting called to order 6:30 pm.

  • Sue Stringer moves to accept minutes from January ; Jim Hlava seconds; all approve.

Portland Public Schools presentation

  • Laura Hansen Proposed Bond Options for Health Safety and Modernization– PPS Board voting on whether to refer bond to bring buildings up to code for Lincoln, Kellogg, Benson, Madison. 150 Million set aside in each bond option. They want feedback from ENA. Next bond in November 2017.
  • Discussion/Question: Why no one had looked at lead issues before? Discussed how led in water is largest issue. Can property be sold as an option or Renting out?Laura Hansen will send Jere action 2017, will take ENA information to school board and she will find out how many, what schools are being used or vacant, selling of property.

Annual Clean Up:

  • Date: 5/13/17 Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm
  • Discussion: Neighborhood clean-up is the major fundraiser for neighborhood, which collects donations from people who bring trash. We will have about 4 dumpsters, will take scrap metal, recycle etc. Set boundaries, criteria for, and how much allowed to be dumped by people; maybe 35lbs maximum per person or extra costs if more. Reimburse with cost of dumpster NECN; ENA keep donation for ENA. All board members are to attend and help. Sign up to help assist Sue with something (ie. food, putting up signs). Ask Land Use and Transportation Committee (Mike) to help. Advertise in newsletter what ENA will accept. Volunteers welcome. Angela will contact the Well Church. Give fliers to churches; call/send information for things they want picked up. Try partnership approach; pick up for seniors disabled. Clarify with Solve what they will pick up. Solve pays for dumping of Litter Pick-Ups

Sewer Project presentation – No Show

Land Use and Transportation presentation – No Show (postponement)

New Business – Angela 4/6/2017 Thursday GALA

  • Bridging a cultural of caring, food, buy table for non profits; purchase table for events 1500 reduced rate or 150 per seat. Emanuel or Blazers to partner to share costs with. Deadline March 20. Advertise in newsletter.
  • Question: How many tables for GALA 30; now 17;
  • Sue comments Emanuel should have own table or split costs; take ½ of table with another neighborhood association.
  • Jim moves up to 10 members paid for as resolution or if more than 10 invited someone could pay; others can contribute to cost.
  • There could be an ENA table which anyone can buy-in with ENA – ENA pay up to $1500.
  • Motion is tabled until March meeting.

Next meeting

  • Have budget review with what activities we have supported in the past. Tabled to next meeting.
  • Propose at next meeting look at last year’s budget, anticipate budget for this year at next meeting. Have Executive meeting before next meeting. Jere will communicate early March to set a meeting time.

Livability Team, Matt Morrisey

  • Proposes to spend Blazers money; track issue close to Blazers. Outside neighborhood adopt block program still not sufficient.
    Matt Morrisey proposes 6 month pilot program, hire people part time 4 hours a week $12.00 per hour, up to $5,000. Southern part of Eliot wants Board to support because he is meeting with blazers; need to show what we did with money prior.
  • Question/Discussion: Bylaws – are we allowed to pay people? Supervise 4 workers. Can we employ or do we need to contract – Make sure we hire reputable company. Jere will follow up with question to NECN. Day Labors to do contract work. Jim Hlava seconds proposal Amendment Implementation approved
  • Motion to research contract with supervision and specifics. Angela Kremer seconds. All in favor original motion to clean up

Adjourn 8:30


  • Laura Hansen Portland Public School

Board Members present

  • Angela Kremer
  • Jim Halva
  • Jere Fitterman
  • Shireen Hasan
  • Sue Stringer

Respectively submitted by Shireen Hasan