Board Meeting Agenda 2017-05-15

agendaEliot Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Agenda
May 15, 2017 6:30 – 8:30 pm
St Philips the Deacon
120 NE Knott St

Open meeting 6:30 pm, Welcome guests, Introductions 10 min

Move to accept Feb Meeting minutes 5 min

New business

  • Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church renovation, “letter of support” for extensive renovations-Raymond
  • Tax on sugary drinks, Mult Co Children’s Health and Ed Initiative, Political Organizer, Coalition for Healthy Kids & Education, cell (541) 404-1708
  • Diesel Air Pollution, VW Settlement, Letter of Support requested and help finding a roof suitable for particulate collection, Jessica Rojas will facilitate, see an explanation

Old Business

  • Annual Cleanup review
  • Open Signal follow up, Sue Stringer
  • Committee Reports
    • Newsletter
    • LUTC
    • NECN
    • Livability
    • Treasurer


Adjourn 8:30 pm