Broadway Books

Broadway Books LogoA series of posts about places where you can buy, borrow or donate books in and around our amazing neighborhood.

In 1992 two friends decided that Northeast Portland needed a neighborhood bookstore and, after working in the book business for many years, decided to go out on their own to open their own store.  Turning an old furniture store into a bookstore, buying what seemed like a million books for their bookshelves, hiring a few good people, the beginning of an almost quarter century business had begun.  There have been a couple changes in ownership but the spirit of the store  and the dedication to the customers and neighborhood remains the same. As their website states, “Our friends became our customers and our customers became our friends.”

The biggest change has been since 2007 when they started selling eBooks and an online store all the while rolling with the changing times in the bookselling world.

The bookstore hosts events that feature both established and emerging authors, supports neighborhood schools and literary organizations and also has a frequent buyer program.

Weathering the ups and downs of the last 25 years hasn’t been easy but the past and present owners all agree that there isn’t anything else they would have rather done or continue doing.

Broadway Books
1714 NE Broadway