Board Meeting Minutes 2017-07-17

minutesEliot Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
July 17, 2017
6:30 – 8:30 pm
St Philip Deacon Episcopal Church NE 120 Knott St
Submitted by Shireen Hasan

Welcome 6:30 pm introductions
Move to accept May minutes. All in favor.  Approved minutes.

New Business – Open Signal presentation for Block Party – Lindsay Kaplan

Open Signal and Neighbors Block Party August 26, 2017 2-10pm On Graham between 7th and NE MLK Jr. Blvd. Music, food, art, merriment & more. ENA opportunity to have table.

Working on documentary history of neighborhood to raise awareness and get stories from people in the neighborhood about  the changes that have taken place.  They want to get conversations going, interviewers, and interviewees who want to talk. Potential workshop to teach interviewing skills. Photographer present to discuss plans and wants to be introduced through email to Vicki at Emanuel

Jere will introduce Ricardo (photographer) through email to Vicki.

Clean Start Program

Brought in by the City, Full time person, and trainee hired to clean our streets by Broadway, give us bags, and will pick them up for us. Funding by City/businesses taxing themselves; will pay all our dumping expenses

Willamette Industrial Area Neighbors and Greg Bourget from Portland Clean Air

Wants to place a diesel monitor in Eliot neighborhood. Volkswagon money to be spent on diesel problem. NECN wants ENA representative to go to meeting every two months and report back to NECN and give our input into action, share data.

ENA inform everyone first about it, but Johnny may do it. Still look for a volunteer.  Put on website.

Old Business- Follow up on Tribune article

RE: Tribune’s libelous & distorted information printed. There was a retraction done. Jere/Angela rewrote paragraphs.  There will be press release from the City & will be on news, in papers and announcements.  There is also information in the present issue of NECN newsletter.  Adam suggested letter to mayor’s office. ENA decided to write statement to mayor’s office about mishap. Jere moves to write letter to mayor’s office to clarify the facts. Sue seconds. All in favor.

Write a statement to mayor’s office about mishap

Committee Reports

Newsletter – 16 page report; meet up for next upcoming newsletter

Garlington – Discussion – focus marketing – there are 3 different waiting lists: 10 for vets, 10 for mental health, there is a criteria for people to meet; preference on displaced people. Qualifying people in November 2017-will begin moving people in February 1, 2018-full by the end of March 2018.  There will be a party. Will have mental health, pharmacy, yoga, acupuncture, wellness activities for community & may open space for other business. .

NECN – Safety Committee – have with coalition of neighborhoods to come to meetings with police there, organizing through NECN. Jere will send word to board, when she finds out.

Livability – Considering 20,000 into neighborhood for diverter and to make more beautiful. Costs up to 50,000. Jere to write grant asking for 20,000.

Treasurer – 10,000 budget; spent $34.95

Announcements & Comments

PBOT giving a free class re: traffic/safety;

Construction updates Tues. August 15, 2017 from 3-7pm date of National Night Out;

ENA will not do National night out & go to block party with Open Signal

ENA not rec’d reimbursement from fees yet.  All reports are in. To expedite send to Jessica at NECN.

Cancel August ENA meeting – to support the neighborhood Block Party

October meeting talk about how people can go door-to-door to invite people to ENA meetings; spend money to print door hangers – insert fliers in Newsletter. Fliers are for conversation points. Inform people about budget spending for 2018. Do fliers, Jere will pass out to see what we think. Check with newsletter printer to see what they can do and the costs. Goal to have them printed by September meeting, then passed out within the first two weeks after.

Adjourned 8:35 pm


Board Officers and Directors:
Jere Fitterman Co-Chair
Jim Hlava, Treasurer
Shireen Hasan Recorder
Susan Stringer Newsletter
Johnny Engleheart Noel

Katie Miller (guest)
Lindsay Kaplan (Open Signal)
Ricardo N. (photographer)